DIY: Cool Jeans

by Maria

I've been having a lot of work lately and that's why I haven't been able to DIY as much as I would. Now that I'm having more relaxed days, I'll try to use properly my time and do all then projects I would like to do. This week tutorial is a pair of DIY cool jeans, and it is done with my favourite technique: paint. I think it gives you the change to develop a great range of ideas and the result is always very satisfactory. Today's one is very similar to the tribal shorts I made two summers ago, but with a pair of denim skinnies. Easy, quick and cool. Do you dare?


- Jeans

- Acrylic paint

- Masking tape

- Brushes

- Newspaper

(For list of materials and steps in Spanish, click here.)

Place the jeans over a flat surface. The front of the legs has to be visible and upwards, because this is the part we are going to paint. Create some sort of triangles with the masking tape (see picture above). Put some newspaper in the jeans' leg to protect the over side. Prepare the paint you are going to use.

Paint the different areas you've created with the masking tape, take into account that you'll have to unstick the masking tape and stick it again in the border once it is dry, in order to delimit the areas to paint (see the picture above). Do the same many times until you've covered all the surface of the fabric you want.

Unstick the last pieces of masking tape and leave it dry. Iron the garment over the paint, so the heat fixes the paint to the fabric. They are totally ready, they are just waiting to be worn!

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  • Brat-Carol Brat-Carol on Dec 18, 2021

    I have been waiting to have some down time in order to try this. It takes a little time to ensure the lines are all straight, but the tape works really well with this. I made my design a bit different, but really like the effect. Thank you for sharing this fun thing to do to jeans. I ironed them, but wasn't sure for how long or how hot it needed to be...hopefully it is set in so it doesn't wash out. I'll wash them alone the first time after I wear them. Thanks again.

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  • Laura Derubis Laura Derubis on Jan 13, 2024

    Great idea ! Project! For me & my granddaughters & grandson he and I will try! Some kind of boy Jean's design love this thank you for sharing !