4 Quick & Easy Thrift Flip Ideas For Your Old or Unworn Clothes

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This tutorial is perfect for you if you’re into thrifting like me! I’ll show you four awesome thrift flip ideas. I’m going to show you how to take existing pieces and give them a remarkable makeover, making them a little more exciting and trendy!

Also, some of my thrift flipping ideas actually do not include any sewing, which makes them really great for beginners. Shall we start thrift flipping?

Tools and materials:

  • Sweatshirt
  • Jeans
  • Elastic
  • Tie dye
  • Bucket
  • Black dye
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread
  • Turtleneck top
  • Bleach
  • Cling wrap
  • Ruler
  • Tank top
  • Midi dress
  • Safety pin

Thrift flip idea 1: tie-dye sweatshirt

Plain white sweatshirt

The first thing I’m going to transform is this plain white sweatshirt.

Tying sections of the sweatshirt with elastic

I decided to tie-dye it and give it a burst of color. Start by tying sections of the sweatshirt with elastic. 

How to thrift flip old clothing items

Tip: Place clingwrap on your floor or working area to avoid mess. 

Drizzling pink and orange dye onto the sweatshirt

Next, drizzle some dye onto the sweatshirt. Here, I went for a bright pink and orange. 

Tie-dying the other side

Flip the sweatshirt over and repeat the tie-dying process. 

Pouring water onto the color

Remove the elastic and pour some water in areas where the color needs to blend more. Then, throw the sweatshirt in the wash. 

Tip: These colors are intense, so I washed the jumper straight after applying the dye. You can do the same if you’re using vibrant, rich colors. 

Cropping the sweatshirt

Once the jumper has dried, you can consider cropping it for a nicer silhouette. You don’t need to hem the bottom if the sweatshirt is made from a jersey-type material. 

Thrift flip tie-dye sweatshirt

Here’s the sweatshirt now! Pretty rad, right? I love this quick and create thrift flip idea. 

Thrift flip idea 2: re-dying jeans

Faded black jeans

This is a quick and easy one! I had these jeans for a long time, and they faded to grey over time. 

Immersing jeans in a bucket of dye

Instead of discarding these, I got some black dye and immersed the jeans into a bucket filled with water and dye. I left them there for a couple of hours and…

Revamped black jeans

Now they’re as good as new! It’s a very subtle transformation, but it saved me some money from investing in a new pair! 

Thrift flip idea 3: two-piece top

Old turtleneck sweater

The next idea is to give this black turtleneck top a makeover!

Cropping the turtleneck

Crop the top super short, as shown. 

Creating a rolled hem with the top

Then, turn the top inside out and hem the bottom with a rolled hem. 

Tracing an existing top for the pattern

Cutting the turtleneck into a camisole

Using a top I already own as a reference, I’m cutting the excess fabric to the right size and straightening the top. 

Sewing and hemming the top

Sew the open sides together, right sides facing. Also, hem the raw edge.

Cutting fabric for the straps

Cut out two strips with the remaining fabric to create some lovely straps. 

Sewing the straps

Fold each strip in half and sew along the edge with a zigzag stitch. 

Flipping the fabric

Next, flip the straps right sides out using a safety pin. 

Attaching the straps to the top

Lastly, attach the straps to the top. 

DIY two-piece top

Easy thrift flipping tutorial

Here’s my new two-piece top! What an easy and incredible thrift flip. 

Thrift flip idea 4: reverse tie-dye

Little black dress ready for a thrift flip

We’ve reached the last flip for this tutorial with this little black dress.

Cutting the dress in half

Cut the dress in half so there's a top and bottom. 

Doing a rolled hem at the bottom of the top

Flip the top part inside out and do a rolled hem at the bottom. 

Tying the top into knots

Tie the top into knots using elastic. 

Soaking the top in water

Then, soak the top with water. 

How to do reverse tie-dye with bleach

I was a little impatient and poured the bleach on straight away. I think it’s better to pour some bleach into the water first and then pour it on your clothing item. When done, be sure to wash the top afterward. 

Reverse tie-dye top

Cutting a new neckline for the top

Next, cut the neckline to sit lower and have a square cut. 

Creating a square neckline

Fold half the square cut to make the other side symmetrical when cutting. 

Hemming the neckline

Hem the neckline with a rolled hem.

Fun thrift flip ideas for clothes

Here are the wonderful results! So groovy and definitely trendy! 

Thrift flip ideas

I hope you enjoyed all these thrift flip ideas. Thrift flipping is super fun and really makes for wonderful transformations. Thanks for joining me on this quick and easy tutorial on how to thrift flip. Good luck! 

Suggested materials:
  • Sweatshirt
  • Jeans
  • Elastic
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