Turn Lace Panties Into a Lace Top

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I love styling everyday items in unconventional ways, and today I’m going to show you how to turn a pair of lace panties into a top.

Sounds strange? I guarantee the end-result looks amazing and is not what you’d expect.

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Tools and materials:

  • Lace panties
  • Black elastic
  • White elastic
  • Flower clip-on
Threading elastic through top

1. Thread elastic through top

First, turn the panties upside down and thread your black elastic through them.

Do the elastic up behind your neck. This forms the top part of the top.

Threading elastic through bottom

2. Thread elastic through bottom

Thread the white elastic through one side of the panties, then bring it around your back and thread it through the other side.

Tying elastic

3. Tie elastic

Proceed to tie the elastic behind your back.

Adding flower

4. Add flower

The final step is to clip the flower broach onto the black elastic.

Turn lace panties into a lace top

Turn lace panties into a lace top

Here is the finished look! I can’t quite believe that I’m wearing a pair of black panties upside down, as this top looks so incredibly stylish and in-vogue.

This would make the perfect top to wear on a night out, and I hope you’ll give this DIY a go for yourself.

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Suggested materials:
  • Lace panties
  • Black elastic
  • White elastic
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