Turn Your T-shirt Upside Down!

This little hack is perfect for keeping cool in the summer heat or even a night out with your girls. All you need is a t-shirt, rubber band, and a cute brooch. No specific t-shirt or brooch literally anything you have in your closet is okay.

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Step 1: Grab any plain tshirt

Step 2: Pit it on upside down. With your head going through the neck hole first.

(note it looks like way too much fabric at the top and you'll have to let it roll down)

Step 3: Adjust all the fabric. I tuck my shoulders in and gather the extra fabric around my neck

Step 4: Find a good spot where everything looks smoothened out around your body

Step 5: Tie the rubberband around the extra fabric at the bottom

Step 6: cover it with a cute brooch and ROCK IT!

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  • CukaFig CukaFig on Jul 01, 2022

    What a great idea, taking a simple Tshirt and making it look more dressy.

    Love it!

    Thanks for sharing. ☺️👍️

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 01, 2022

    Works as long as the head opening fits your torso!