How to Make All-Natural DIY Nail Polish Remover at Home

by ModaMob
5 Materials
20 Minutes

Today, I will be showing you how to make DIY nail polish remover. There is nothing worse than needing nail polish remover and not having any in the house.

Most nail polish removers also contain harsh chemicals, which can dry out hands and nails. This is why we're teaching you how to make an easy DIY nail polish remover at home, without acetone, using all-natural ingredients.

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Tools and materials:

  • Lemon juice 
  • Vinegar 
  • Bowl 
  • Whisk 
  • Cotton pads
Home nail polish remover recipe

1. Squeeze lemon juice

Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl.

Pouring white vinegar into the lemon juice

2. Add the vinegar

Pour equal parts of regular white vinegar into the bowl.

How to make nail polish remover at home

3. Mix the DIY nail polish remover

Mix the solution thoroughly with a whisk. The acidity of the lemons and vinegar is going to help peel off the nail polish. 

Soaking nails in water

4. Soak your nails

Soak your fingernails in water for 10-15 minutes to help loosen the nail polish first. 

Soaking cotton pads in mixture

5. Soak a cotton pad

Place a cotton pad into your lemon and vinegar mixture and let it soak.

Using the homemade nail polish remover

6. Apply the mixture to your nails 

Once your fingers are done soaking in the water, wrap the cotton pad around your nail and let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute. 

How to use the DIY nail polish remover

7. Remove the nail polish 

Once your finger has been sitting in the cotton pad for the appropriate amount of time, you are going to remove it from your nail and rub it against the polish. 

If you have soaked everything for the correct amount of time, your nail polish should just peel right off! 

This is not like regular nail polish where the polish just rubs off. This method is more similar to removing gel polish. With this mixture, the polish will peel off.

But hey, when you don’t have nail polish remover and you are in a pinch, this solution works great! 

DIY nail polish remover tutorial

That is it for this tutorial. This solution is all-natural! There is no alcohol or acetone in this mixture, so it will not make your nails brittle.

This mixture is especially good for women who have thin nails that break easily because it is not as harsh as the chemicals that are in regular nail polish remover. 

Let me know in the comments if this solution works for you! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • Bowl
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  • MaConscienceVerte MaConscienceVerte on Apr 26, 2023

    who as time to wait 1.5h to remove polish and then wrap in cotton for more time...the idea of having homemade is good but 3h to accomplish a task that takes 5 mins

    • Suzanne Suzanne on Jul 14, 2023

      10-15 minutes plus a little longer to then peel off the polish with the soaked cotton pad…..she says about 20 minutes at the top of the post

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Jan 26, 2024

    They should of did a close up of a before and after of the nail.