DIY Perfect French Manicure Hacks

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There’s nothing like a French manicure to give your look that polished, chic vibe. But there’s no need to go to an aesthetician when you can accomplish the same look easily right in the comfort of your home. Today, I’m going to show you a few basic French manicure hacks that you can use at home, so your nails will look on point every day.

Tools and materials:

  • White nail polish
  • Milky nail polish
  • Clear topcoat
  • Bandaid
  • Scotch tape
  • Acetone and brush

Tip: Basecoat

Every perfect manicure starts with clean nails and a base coat of clear polish that must be fully dried before applying nail polish. 

DIY French manicure

Use a bandaid

The first hack to getting a clean, even French tip on your nails is to use a bandaid. Stick the bandaid on your nail, leaving the part to which you want to apply polish exposed. Apply white nail polish to your nail, and remove the bandaid very carefully while the nail polish is still wet. 

At home French manicure

Once the bandaid is removed, use a brush dipped in acetone to clean up any uneven edges. 

French manicure hacks

Use scotch tape

Similar to the bandaid, apply scotch tape to your nail, leaving the tip exposed. Apply white nail polish, and remove the tape immediately. 

basic French manicure

Remove excess polish

When doing a French manicure, make sure to remove as much nail polish from the brush as possible before applying it to the tip of your nail. Since you only need enough to cover the tip of your nail, removing the excess from the brush will prevent unwanted drips, bubbles, or an overly thick layer of color that will take a long time to dry. 

How to do a French manicure

Rotate your hand

If you want to freehand your French tips, a good way to get a smooth, straight line is to hold the brush steady and rotate your hand under it to apply the nail polish. 

Easy French manicure

Milky nail polish

Once you’ve applied white nail polish to all the tips of your nails, apply a layer of milky nail polish for beautiful and natural-looking nails. 

French manicure tutorial


For a shiny finish, and to seal everything in, apply a fast-drying topcoat to your nails. 

And now you have a perfect, DIY French manicure. 

Was this French manicure tutorial helpful? Which hacks would you like to try?

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Suggested materials:
  • White nail polish
  • Milky nail polish
  • Clear topcoat
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