DIY Fashion Hack Gives You the Perfect Suspenders

Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira

Hello! I am new to Upstyle and excited to begin sharing fashion tips with all of you. Today I am showing a quick DIY hack that leaves you looking like you're wearing super cute fashionable suspenders.


  • long thin scarf
  • two safety pins
  • pants with belt loops

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For this hack you need pants with belt loops and a long thin scarf. You can see I am holding mine out and it is very long.

Begin by sliding the scarf through the belt loop in the back of your pants like this and tie loop it a few times then tie it so that it won't move.

Pull the scarf up by its two end and place them over your shoulders

Grab two safety pins and pin each side of the scarf into your pants

Here's a back view

Here is how it looks in the front

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