Why Some Women Are CUTTING Their Bras

Do you have backless dresses that simply WILL NOT work with a bra? Sometimes boob tape gets the job done but it has to be a good kind because some of the sticky tape can cause skin irritation or if not taken off properly it could hurt. There's tons of hacks for taking off boob tape out there - I even have one video on my TikTok that shows how to remove it easy with no pain.

Anyways, this hack is for making a DIY backless bra

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First grab a bra that fits you well but that you won't miss terribly

now cut off the side bands and the back that attaches so you should have just the cup and bra string when done

Now sew the end of the strap to your bra cup

This is how it should look when done

Be careful not to do anything too overly active but for a formal night out and normal formal night out activities this should hold up!

Find me on Instagram @kristinakacheeva

Find me on TikTok @kristinakacheeva

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  • Marsha Papanicolas Marsha Papanicolas on May 09, 2024

    Unless you have really small breasts this will not work, there will be zero support. At that point, if you have really small breasts you are better off wearing adhesive supports.

  • Rita Fraterrigo Rita Fraterrigo on May 12, 2024

    Good idea for A and B cups!