Easy No Sew DIY Blanket Scarf

Christina Dennis
by Christina Dennis
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Who doesn't love blanket scarfs? They are so versatile and complement so many outfits. Try your hand at making this easy DIY blanket scarf.
This scarf is so simple to make that you can knock it out in no time at all. It's perfect to give away as a gift or treat yourself and keep it.

The best part is you won't have to pull our your sewing machine! Let's become fashionista's!
Here is some little tricks for you to find the right fabric.

1. Make sure it's soft (so a brushed cotton or flannel cotton)

2. The plaid is dyed all the way through the fabric so it shows on both sides ("yarn dyed")

3. It's woven so that it has horizontal and vertical threads that can be pulled out to create a fringe

4. It's at least 44" wide to create a nice voluminous scarf

The fabric I used was called "yarn dyed brushed cotton" I found it at my local fabric store.
Let's begin, cut your fabric into a large square that's at least 44" x 44". If your fabric is wider, make a bigger square!

These scarfs are lovely when they're nice and large.
Leave the salvage edges alone (they're the edges of the fabric that are already bound off & uncut) On the two cut edges, take a sewing pin and pull out one or two of the vertical threads. Start pulling them out one by one until you create a fringe that is long enough to your liking.
My fringe on my blanket scarf is about 1/2" long.

That's it! You are all done! You can wear your scarf now.

Make sure to pop on over to my blog for different ways to wear your scarf!
Suggested materials:
  • 1 1/2 yards yarn died woven brushed cotton (or yarn dyed flannel) that's at least 44" wide.
  • Scissors and a sewing pin

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Christina Dennis
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