How to Make an Easy No-Sew DIY Skirt That Can Also Be Worn as a Top

by The SILEM
4 Materials
15 Minutes

You don’t need to have any sewing knowledge to make these easy DIY no-sew clothes! It’s simple, easy, and beautiful. This piece of fabric can be styled either as a top or a skirt. How awesome is that?

The only non-negotiable issue is that you must use self-finished fabric. This means fabric that won’t fray, pull, or have dangling threads when cut.

You can also use a solid fabric or a fabric that looks the same on both sides. In this tutorial, I am using a self-finished velvet that isn’t solid but is very beautiful. This no-sew top or skirt can be worn for the holidays with this gorgeous fabric.

Tools and materials:

  • 1½ Yards self-finished fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Marking chalk
Folding the fabric

1. Fold the fabric

This step is very important. Make sure at all times, the fabric is perfectly smooth and the edges are aligned and neat.

On a flat surface, fold the fabric with the right sides facing inward on the diagonal.

Trimming the excess fabric

Trim any excess fabric, making sure the fabric is neat and the sides are aligned.

Folding the fabric diagonally

Fold the fabric diagonally again. 

Trimming the excess fabric

Trim the excess from this fold. 

Measuring three inches from the top corner

2. Cut the fabric

At the top corner, where all the folds meet, measure down 3 inches. 

How to make an easy DIY skirt no sew

Then mark the depth of the neck at 2 ½ inches or 6.3 cm. Mark these measurements either by using chalk or making a small cut right at the measurement.

Cutting a curve at the corner

Cut a curve meeting those measurements. 

DIY clothes no sew

This is what it should look like and it's ready to wear!

DIY poncho-style top - no sewing required

Style the no-sew top 

Pull the top over the head. It is that easy! I love this rich fabric and the elegant flowing style of the top. I paired the top with royal blue bootcut trousers but you can wear it with white shorts or a skirt!

V-neck style neckline

You can also cut the neckline a bit lower or make it into a V neck.

DIY no-sew skirt

Style the no-sew skirt

To wear it as a skirt, simply pull your arms through the top, and pull the top down. You’ve got a gorgeous handkerchief hem skirt! To accentuate your waist, simply add a belt.

DIY no-sew top

DIY no-sew skirt and top tutorial

I’ve got many easy DIY no-sew clothes tutorials but this one is my favorite because it can be a top or a bottom! Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Suggested materials:
  • 1½ Yards self-finished fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
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  • San20286883 San20286883 on Oct 04, 2021

    This is so clever and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your great idea.

  • Suzan Zavala Suzan Zavala on Nov 02, 2021

    Hi, this looks so simple! What size blouse does this make and how do I increase the material based on size?

    • The SILEM The SILEM on Nov 03, 2021

      This top is a one size fits all, because it’s not sewn by the sides.