Behold the Beard Braid! 5 Unique Under-Chin Flip Braids to Try

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For this tutorial, I want to test out different styles of under-chin flip braids, also known as the beard braid trend! This is where you braid at the front, under your chin, then flip the braid to the back of your head. This technique creates a really unique loose braid.

Sometimes people can't braid in the back of their head because of a disability or surgery, and others just find it difficult. Of course, when you braid at the front and take it to the back, it’s not going to look the same as if you were braiding at the back, but it is a good alternative.

Tools and materials:

  • Elastic hair bands
How to do a beard braid

French flip braid

1. Separate your hair

Start by parting your hair down the middle. Then take two sections, one from either side.

Flip the beard braid

2. Braid

Next, do a regular three-strand braid; take the outside strand and cross it over the middle, take the other outside strand, and cross that over the middle.

Now, you want to take hair from your right side and add it into a strand from the left side and then cross them both over the middle. Next, take hair from your left side, add it into a strand from the right side, and add it in, crossing them over the middle.

Continue to do that all the way down. Finish up at the bottom with a regular three-strand French braid. 

Flip braid

3. Flip

Spread the braid out a little bit and then literally just flip it up and over. 

French flip braid

As you can see, it’s kind of droopy. It’s not as tight as a normal French braid would be in the back of your head, but I still think that it’s a cute hairstyle.

Braiding hair at the front

Dutch flip braid

1. Braid

Start the same way as before: take two sections of hair on one side and then one on the other. Now, instead of crossing your stands over as you braid, you’re going to cross them under.

Take your outside strand and cross it under the middle, then take your opposite outside strand and cross that under the middle. And now, as before, you’re going to add in a section to each outside strand.

Dutch flip braid

2. Flip

Continue to do that all the way down and then finish off at the bottom with a regular three-strand braid. As before, gather it and then flip it over.

This also looks very cute!

Fishtail braiding under the chin

Fishtail flip braid with elastics

1. Tie 

Next, let’s do a hairstyle using elastics, which is going to mimic a fishtail braid. Take two pieces, one on each side, and combine them, tying them with a clear elastic. Keep doing that, so take one strand from each side, pull them together and tie it up with an elastic.

You’re doing these right on top of each other, just kind of layering them.

Fishtail flip braid

2. Flip

Once you have all of your hair tied, you’re just going to tie the ends together. Then, you know the drill, stretch it out and then up and over. 

This one gets a thumbs down from me. It did not turn out cute.

Twisting hair under the chin

Twisted flip braid

1. Tie

Take all of your hair on both sides and tie it with an elastic. Next, tie another elastic about an inch down. Then just open up that little hole in between the two ties.

Flip over hairstyle

2. Twist

Then flip your hair through the hole. Do the same thing below, tie another elastic about an inch down, open up the hole and then flip your hair through and tighten it. Once done, take it over the top of your head. 

Twisted beard braid

3. Flip

This also is not cute. Not my favorite of the beard braid looks.

Fishtail braid beard

Fishtail flip braid

1. Braid

Take two sections, one from each side. Slice off a small strand from one of the outside sections and cross it over to the opposite section. Again, take off a small strand and cross that over to the opposite section.

Now, you’re going to slice off a small strand from one of your outside sections, add a piece of hair to it and then cross that over into the opposite section. Again, slice off a small strand, add in hair to that section and then cross them both over to the opposite side.

Finish off into a regular fishtail and now let’s do the fliparoo!

How to do a fishtail flip braid

2. Flip

This one looks very nice!

Under chin flip braid tutorial

Those are five different under-the-chin flip braid styles. As you can see, not all of them worked out on my hair. But that’s ok - you only learn through trying. The beard braid that did turn out well though I thought looked really cute.

Let me know which of these flip braid hairstyles you liked and whether you'll try out this beard braid technique on your own hair.

Suggested materials:
  • Elastic hair bands

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