My 2 Favorite Vaseline Hacks

Chloe Aicha
by Chloe Aicha
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I use Vaseline for so many things, but these are two of my favorites.

The first makes your perfume last ten times longer than usual. The second gives you super smooth feet, overnight!

Why not give them both a try?

Tools and materials:

  • Vaseline
  • Spray perfume
  • Old socks

1. Perfume hack

Applying Vaseline

Place a dab of Vaseline on the pulse points at your wrists, back of your hands and sides of your neck.

I like to put a very small amount at the back of my neck under my hair as well.

Spraying perfume

Now spritz your perfume directly over the Vaseline and leave it to dry for a few seconds.

The Vaseline will grab onto the perfume and stop it from drying out completely.

Your perfume will last all day or evening, without needing a touch-up!


2. Dry skin hack

Dry cracked skin on your soles and heels isn’t a good look and it can be hard to get rid of.

To make sure you never have to deal with it, do this a few times a week.

Apply Vaseline to feet

Massage a lot of Vaseline over your feet and heels just before you go to bed.

Putting on socks

Slip on an old pair of socks, so the Vaseline doesn’t rub off on your sheets.


Have a great night’s sleep and wake up with silky smooth feet.

My 2 favorite Vaseline hacks

Let me know how you get on with these quick hacks in the comments down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Vaseline
  • Spray perfume
  • Old socks

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  • Vallaree Spires Vallaree Spires on Apr 01, 2024

    I’ve just started the Vaseline on my feet trick, and I am happy with the first try! Since I don’t wear perfume, I’ll skip that one, but it is a great idea!

  • Rita Fraterrigo Rita Fraterrigo on Apr 03, 2024

    I've been using Vaseline my whole life for a whole bunch of things, but I have never seen the one about the perfume. Thanks for that great tip! 😊