A Simple Inexpensive Winter Treatment for Dry, Cracked Fingertips!

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Ah, the Winter. The First Blast of Cold Air and My Fingertips Crack and Bleed. Every Single Year.

It's Painful and Not Pretty.

It seems no amount of Moisturizing Creams and Lotions Help...

I've Tried Many Skincare Products...Fancy Luxury Skincare Lines to Drugstore Bargains, and Always the Same Results....

My Fingertips Crack and Bleed when the Temperatures Dip.

The Creams do work to Moisturize My Hands...But as the Temperatures Dip, the area around the Nails begin to Crack and sometimes the Cracks Run Deep.

Oh So Painful...

I Can't Bear Another Cracked Skin Season, So I tried Applying a Simple, Inexpensive Menthol Ointment to my Hands.

At Night. And Again in the Morning.

Menthol Ointment has been Used Forever to Help with Coughs and Congestion...as a Skin Care Treatment...Hmm...Let's See!

Here is Day One...Before the First Application...Even Touching a Sparkly Christmas Ornament is Painful...

I Rubbed the Menthol Ointment on my Hands and Fingertips.

Not a Lot. Just a Dollop. And I Carefully Worked it into my Skin.

Menthol Ointment...Vicks VapoRub...Amazon LINK.

At Night. And Again in the Morning.

After working in the ointment, wearing gloves can help to speed up the healing...but I kept it simple...no gloves.

The Ointment goes on Greasy...but the Ointment Quickly Penetrates the Skin...The Menthol Scent is Soothing and the Ointment Feels both Cool and then Warm...

Day 2 of Using the Menthol Ointment...

Applying Pressure to the Fingertip is Not as Painful and the Crack is Healing...

Day Three of Applying Ointment.

The Fingertip is Properly Healing. Application 2 times each day...at Night and in the Morning.

And Finally, Day 4...Almost Healed.

I am Continuing this Simple Treatment throughout the Winter.

At Night and in the Morning.

Using Menthol Ointment is Working to Heal and Ward Off Dry, Cracking Skin.

Hopefully, it will work as a Preventive Measure...

I'll Let You Know How My Fingertips Fare Come Spring.

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For All the Magic...Jeanne of Doodle T and Me!

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  • Judith Judith 12 hours ago

    I’ve used Vicks for this. I also use it during garden season to keep the ticks away. Slather it on your socks after you tuck your pants inside.

    • Doodle T and Me! Doodle T and Me! 10 hours ago

      Excellent tip, Judith - Using Vicks is the real deal...thanks! Jeanne - Doodle T and Me!

  • Carole Carole 6 hours ago

    It also help when you have a Head cold just rub it on the bottom of your feet cover with socks it's an old-fashion trick that my Grandmother used and it works