Try Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to Your Feet

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In this video, Sashie E shares her foot care routine using hydrogen peroxide.

She begins by filling a foot spa with two pots of water and adds three percent hydrogen peroxide, which she purchased at an affordable price from Walmart.

To enhance the experience, she adds a small amount of Castile soap for bubbles.

Sashie E immerses her feet in the foot spa and relaxes for 30 minutes.

After the soak, Sashie E is astonished by the amount of dry and dead skin that effortlessly falls off her feet.

She’s impressed with the versatility of the hydrogen peroxide, mentioning its ability to kill bacteria, treat athlete's foot, and remove dead skin cells.

Foot grater

Sashie E then uses a foot grater and a pumice stone to further exfoliate and smooth her feet.

Sashie E is then left with lovely soft feet!

Try adding hydrogen peroxide to your feet

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