DIY No-Sew Fabric Snack Bags

by EngineerMommy
This year is going to be all about health & fitness for me. When it comes to making smart food choices, I often find that I am pretty good about preparing & eating well-balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day. However, snacks can sometimes be a challenge for me, especially since I’m often on the go all day. I decided to make some re-usable snack bags out of some pretty fabric. By the way, if you don’t sew, don’t worry! This tutorial is completely free of stitches. These snack bags are the perfect size to tote these snacks with me. In fact, I keep one snack bag in my purse at all times. So when that craving strikes, I am prepared to tackle that craving! Ready for a sneak peek at the bags I made?
Now let’s get right to the tutorial. Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

decorative fabric

snack bag template


iron-on hem tape


hook & loop closure

hot glue & glue gun

self-adhesive decorative trim
Using the dashed lines on the template as a guide, make creases in the fabric with the iron.
Now, place the fabric so the right side is facing down. Fold over about a 1/4″ hem on all sides. Add a strip of iron-on hem tape along the two sides of the fabric. See the picture below for clarification. Fold over the snack bag and iron to secure the two edges. See how the snack bag has a little pocket now. Of course, you can make this bag as small or as big as you would like, but the bag I made is the perfect size for holding one serving of the Special K Nourish® Bites.
To create a closure, I used hot glue to attach hook & loop strips so the snack bag.
I love the way this project came out!

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  • Emilie Emilie on Feb 15, 2021

    This so such a sustainable way to carry snacks!

  • Madelyn Madelyn on Feb 13, 2024

    Love this idea! Could be used for other things in a purse or pocket. thank you for sharing this