Hack for Turning Wide Leg Trousers Into a Dress

Chloe Aicha
by Chloe Aicha
2 Materials
5 Minutes

I’m going to show you guys an amazing hack for turning wide leg trousers into a dress.

I love when you can get multiple uses out of a single article of clothing. It gives you more bang for your buck.

Best of all, you would never believe this dress was meant to be worn any other way.

Tools and materials:

  • Wide leg pants
  • Belt
Using one leg as the skirt

1. Use one leg as the skirt

Put both your legs in one pant leg. Put it on so that the second pant leg is facing forward.

This may look strange but stay with me. 

Using second leg as top

2. Use the second leg as the top

Stretch the waistband over your head so it’s hanging from the back of your neck. 

Using second leg as top

Pull the second pant leg over your head so your head comes out of the bottom of the pant leg.

Now you should be able to see how it’s starting to look like a dress. 

Adding belt

3. Belt it

Let the pant leg hang around your neck like a cowl neck dress. Now grab a belt and wrap it around your waist, tucking in any loose bits.

Hack for turning wide leg trousers into a dress

Hack for turning wide leg trousers into a dress

I love how classy this looks. It looks like it was made to be worn as a fitted cowl neck dress.

Try this hack with a pair of your wide legged pants and leave me a comment to let me know how you like it.

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Suggested materials:
  • Wide leg pants
  • Belt

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  • Karen Coyne Karen Coyne on Jun 29, 2023

    Cute idea! Front looks ok, but what does the back look like? Please add a photo of the back. How tight is the waistband on your neck?

  • Tig86105680 Tig86105680 on Jul 08, 2024

    Also another way to wear wide leg pants is 2 legs in one side of pant and the other 1 arm in like a 1 arm dress, it's very cute and sexy!!!!