Easy No-Sew Dress Adjustment

Do you have a dress that fits too loose? This is the easiest solution ever!

The best part? No sewing needed. Duh!

All you need for this is a dress, piece of string, and two pins (you can use any color of safety pins)

Here is the reel I made for my Instagram. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @kristinakacheeva for more fashion hacks and style tips!

Step one: Turn your dress inside out and then put it on reverse

Step two: Place two pins into the back

Step three: Pull the string through both pins

Step four: Tie the string in a knot based on how tight or how loose you want the dress

Here is the final look! Absolutely love this hack because it doesn't alter the dress permanently so if you decide you want to wear it loose again you can. Also, on the opposite end if you end up needing it even tighter you can just adjust by retying the knot on the inside.

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  • Alyce Alyce on Aug 10, 2022

    I need to see a back view. It just bags out in the middle in the back. It will require a jacket to cover the pooch, which means I'll be wearing a summer dress in winter. How did you keep it neat and nice on the back?

  • Josie Josie on Apr 28, 2023

    I used a piece of elastic instead of string. The hack worked great and it was easier to slip the dress on without being afraid of the pins ripping out.