No Sew Hack for When Your Dress is Too Big

Those satin slip dresses are so beautiful and trending right now. I have seen so many women pull off this look and I love it! But I have seen some dresses that are just a little too big, like there should’ve been an in between size. That’s why I LOVE this hack! It’s an easy no-sew dress adjustment so if you want to wear your dress loose sometimes you still can and just tighten it as you like.

You’ll need 2 safety pins and 1 piece of ribbon.

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Step 1: Put your dress INSIDE OUT and BACKWARDS 

(note: the tag should be in front of you)

Step 2: Grab your 2 safety pins

Step 3: Put one on your left side and then put the ribbon through it

Step 4: Put the other safety pin on your right side and pull the ribbon through it

Step 5: Tie the ribbon together while it’s still looped through both safety pins

Step 6: Take the dress off and put it on the CORRECT way

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