How to Not Get Makeup on Clothes & Other Life-Changing Fashion Hacks

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Today I’m going to give you a life-changing hack. I’m sure that lots of you, like me, are fed up with getting your foundation and makeup on your clothes when you’re getting dressed, undressed, or are trying clothes on.

This used to happen to me all the time and it drove me so crazy that it was time to do something about it. Here I’m going to share with you how to not get makeup on your clothes.

Tools and material:

  • Silk or satin scarf
  • Elastic bands
  • Shoulder pads

How to not get makeup on clothes

Folding a scarf in half

1. Fold the scarf in half

You need a large square scarf in silk, satin, or other slippery material. Fold it to create a triangle. 

Tying a knot in the scarf

2. Tie a knot

Next tie a knot to make the scarf into a bib. Don’t tie it too tight as you want it to easily go over your head. 

Wearing a scarf as a bib

3. Wear the bib

Place the bib around your neck. Take the underneath part of the triangle, put it inside your t-shirt, and leave the top part of the triangle out at the front.

How to not get makeup on clothes

4. Remove the bib

If you’ve got lipstick on, purse your lips. To remove the bib, put the top layer over your head.

How to keep makeup from rubbing off onto clothes

Then grab your top and take it off over your head. Voila! No makeup on your clothes anywhere.

How to prevent makeup transfer

5. Put the top back on

To put your top back on, put the top part of the bib over your head and put the top on over it. Everything is covered!

Now I’m going to share with you some other fashion hacks that have been really helpful to me. 

How to keep your sleeves up

How to keep your sleeves up

The next one is using elastic bands and it is to keep your sleeves up.

For example, I have a blazer that has quite wide, long sleeves which I don’t really like. I can fold them up once or twice but not any more than that, and if I push them up, they will just fall down when I’m walking around.

To remedy this, take an elastic band that is not too tight as you don’t want to cut off your blood supply. Alternatively, you could take a roll of elastic and cut a band for yourself that fits nicely.

Putting an elastic band around the elbow

Put the elastic band around your elbow, pull the sleeves up, cover the elastic band and then your sleeve will stay there. You can do this with a shirt as well.

How to tie a knot in a shirt

How to tie a knot in a shirt

Another thing you can do with elastic is, say you have an oversized shirt and you want to tie it into a knot, usually it works to just tie the shirt, but sometimes the fabric is a bit slippery and the knot loosens up and becomes undone.

Tying a knot in a shirt

To solve this problem, what you can do is take the two ends together and tie them with the elastic like a ponytail. 

Knotting a shirt

Then turn one of the ends over to cover the elastic. Now you have a knot that won't come undone.

How to tie up your top

Sometimes you might want to wear an oversized top but it doesn’t look flattering left loose, and tucked in it doesn’t look quite right. You can use the elastic band in two different ways.

How to tie up your top

The first way is to bunch up some material from the inside of the top and tie a ponytail on the inside.

Tying up a t-shirt

It will look like this.

How to tie up a t-shirt

Then just turn the top right side out so the tied up part is hidden and you have a really nice tuck on one side that adds some shape to the loose t-shirt.

How to do a middle tuck with a t-shirt

If you want to do a middle tuck, just bunch up some material at the front and tie it up.

Hiding the tuck in the front of jeans

Then turn it over and you can hide it in the front of your jeans.

How to care for your knitwear

How to care for your knitwear

When you have very thin knitwear, you always want to hang it on a hanger that has wide, sloped shoulders because otherwise it will cause the garment to become misshapen. But these hangers take up a lot of room. 

Using thin hangers to hang knitwear

I like using really thin hangers because I can fit twice as many clothes in my cupboard. But even these still cause my thin knitwear to become misshapen. 

Using shoulder pads on hangers

So I thought of a solution which is to use some shoulder pads, put them right on the end of the hanger, secure them with an elastic band and then hang your garment. 

Life-changing fashion hacks

Now you get a rounded shape and still a very thin hanger.

How to not get makeup on clothes & other fashion hacks

There we have my top trick for how to avoid getting makeup on your clothes, as well as a number of other hacks that will help getting dressed and looking great much easier. There are many different hacks out there, but these are the ones that work best for me. I hope you enjoyed this, you learned something new and you’ll try out these hacks for yourself!

How to put string back in pants

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Suggested materials:
  • Silk or satin scarf
  • Elastic bands
  • Shoulder pads

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  • Jaynie Jaynie on Feb 12, 2024

    When I need to hang sweaters or lightweight knitwear, I hang them on the hanger inside out to prevent those weird pointy shapes in the shoulders.

  • Diana Wattler Diana Wattler on Feb 16, 2024

    I wish I would have known the idea of keeping lipstick from getting on my clothes. Many years ago when I married, I got lipstick on the front of my dress.