Easy Dryer Sponge Hack for Fresh and Soft Laundry

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In this video, Kween Read explains that dryer sponges are better for you, your clothes, and the environment than traditional dryer sheets.

She shows you her DIY method for making them at home.

Kween explains that she and her daughter bought a large glass jar, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, then added a cute decal which they printed off on their printing machine.

They then added their favorite fabric softener to the jar until it was about a quarter of the way full. They then topped up the rest of the jar with water.

Next, they took some rectangular sponges from Dollar Tree, cut them in half and submerged them in the liquid.

Doing laundry

Every time Kween and her daughter do their laundry, they simply take one of the sponges, squeeze most of the liquid out, then toss the sponge into the laundry before beginning the cycle. This helps their clothes to come out feeling soft and smelling extra clean!

Dryer Sponge Hack

Will you give this hack a go? Let us know in the comments down below.

Be sure to check out Kween’s YouTube channel for more great content: KWEEN READ

Suggested materials:
  • Glass jar
  • Fabric softener
  • Water
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  • April Coleman April Coleman on Apr 30, 2024

    I’m curious what I’m doing wrong, I’m ending up with what looks like grease spots on my clothes when using this method. 😒

  • Irene Klocko Irene Klocko on Apr 30, 2024

    I just wet a wash rag, pour a little fabric softener on it, and add it to the dryer.

    I do this when I forget to get the clothes out of the dryer and I want them more

    wrinkle free.