Easy Boob Gap Hack: How to Prevent a Button-Up Shirt From Gaping Open

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In this video, Scrappy Treasures addresses the common issue of button-up shirts gaping at the chest, offering a quick sewing tip to solve the problem.

She shares a simple solution to keep the shirt secure without visible buttons. Let’s jump into this easy button-up shirt hack.

The solution involves adding two extra buttons to the inside of the shirt, strategically placed to prevent gaps between existing buttons.

These hidden buttons act as a secure anchor, ensuring the shirt stays closed without compromising its appearance.

Scrappy Treasures assures viewers that no sewing experience is necessary, but for those in a hurry, a quick hack with a safety pin is also an option, with a promise to share the technique in a future video (so go and check out her channel if you're interested!)

To implement the fix, Scrappy Treasures advises identifying the gaps in the shirt, placing the buttons on the side with buttonholes, and using a matching thread color for discreet sewing.

Demonstrating the process, she emphasizes the importance of tying secure knots to prevent them from coming through the fabric.

Button-up shirt

For cutting buttonholes, Scrappy Treasures guides viewers through aligning the shirt panels, making small slits, and stitching around the edges with a whip stitch technique.

She emphasizes the need to start with a small cut and gradually enlarge if necessary to avoid compromising the fix.

In the outro, Scrappy Treasures showcases the difference the alteration makes, preventing the shirt from gaping and allowing her to move freely without worrying about buttons popping open.

Button-up shirt hack

If you enjoyed this tutorial, leave us a comment down below then head on over to Scrappy Treasures' YouTube channel for more great content.

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Suggested materials:
  • Hand-sewing kit
  • Buttons
  • Safety pins

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  • Jean Woodall Jean Woodall on Mar 16, 2024

    My bust is 44 inches and my waist is 32 inches. I pretty much wear button-up shirts open or tied around my waist.

  • Reneesbreaud Reneesbreaud 2 hours ago

    Use snaps instead of buttons. You won't have to cut the material so no risk of mis-cutting the hole for a button.