The Correct Way to Put on a Bra

by Leilani.kyrie

Did you know a lot of women are putting on their bras THE WRONG WAY!!

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Most of us are taught to put the bra on by clasping it in the front then sliding the clasp around to your back and picking up the straps and putting it on.


Most of your bra's support comes from the band and doing this tugs and stretches it which is a big no. Also you take the risk of messing up any wiring that may be in the cups of the bra.

The correct way to put on a bra is by putting your arms through the straps first and reaching your arms back and clasping the middle.

Why clasp on the middle hook?

Because when the band starts to stretch out you can go to the tightest hook and on days when you're feeling a little bloated you can move to the last hook.

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  • Jenthewren Jenthewren on Oct 21, 2022

    Did this when I was younger but with arthritis in my arms & wrists, even though its not easy it's easier the first way.

    Who says there's a right or wrong way to get dressed.

  • Gig17967402 Gig17967402 on Oct 25, 2022

    This way is not possible once you reach a certain age and lose agility. You could add that for those with full large breast should lean forward slightly and let those girls fall into the cups.