Make a Marbleized Sweater With This Upcycle Sweater Tutorial

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I don't know about you, but I'm super passionate about sustainability and caring for our planet. I try to be sustainable in every way possible, even when it comes to thrift flips and upcycling. Sustainable fashion is what I love! Today, I'm going to show you my easy upcycle sweater tutorial. Monotonic sweaters can get boring, so before you go ahead and trash your sweater, check how I jazz up something boring. This easy sweater thrift flip is super fun and will give your sweater a whole new, fresher vibe. I will be doing a fabric marbling technique, and if you're not sure what it is, keep reading to find out.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric marbling kit
  • Old white sweater
  • Old oven tray
Sweater upcycle

Upcycled sweater ideas

Fill your tray with water

Get out your old oven tray and fill it with water. Here, I'm using a really old tray that I haven't used in ages. Do not fill the tray to the brim; you can fill it to a maximum 2-inch level. The more water you have, the less saturated your colors will be.

How to upcycle a sweater

Drop the colors in the water

You can choose any color you'd like. I wanted to use some primary colors, too. Basically, drop the pigments into the water and let your creative juices flow here. Opt for any pattern you like; after all, it's your own DIY project.

Sweater thrift flip

Next, I took a bamboo stick and swirled it around.

DIY sweater thrift flip

Do a paper test

Before you dip your sweater, do a quick paper test to see how the colors and pattern will turn out. Then, decide if you want to move forward with the real deal.

Easy sweater thrift flip

Dip your sweater

Now that the colors are incorporated, it's time to dip your sweater!

Lay down your sweater but bring it up really fast. If you leave your sweater in there for too long, the pattern won't absorb so well. Remember, the fabric absorbs water, so you'd end up with a saturated, almost colorless sweater if you leave it for long.

Dip the sleeves

Next, do the rest of your sweater's sections, and don't forget to dip the sleeves! Remember to add new colors every time you dip the sweater.

Stunning upcycle marbleized sweater

I'm super happy with the results. It's not as highly pigmented, but it does give off a lovely color other than the plain, basic white that the sweater used to be. Now you have this unique sweater in your closet, and you will be able to spice up your outfits with this fascinating marbleized look.

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric marbling kit
  • Old white sweater
  • Old oven tray

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