How to Make a Clutch Purse

3 Materials
10 Minutes

Evening gowns, stylish dresses, and casual night out outfit combinations aren’t complete without a clutch purse. Since most of them are either too expensive or poorly-made, you’re better off making one yourself!

Making a clutch purse isn’t hard at all, especially if you have someone to show you the steps. That’s what this tutorial is all about, so get ready to have a brand new, stylish clutch purse for all occasions!

It won’t take you longer than ten minutes, and all you need is a placemat, your sewing supplies, and a sewing machine. I bet you will love it so much, you’ll make a few different ones right away! Now let’s get to work!

Start forming the clutch purse

Put the placemat onto your workspace with its wrong side up.

Grab its top edge and fold it downward about two and a half inches. Open up the fold and apply glue to the curve on the inside. Fold it back and keep it in place with binding clips.

For additional info, click here.

Sew the clutch purse

Grab the end of the placemat where the folded section is and pull it down until you fold the placemat in half. Make sure that the curved edges are aligned.

Secure the layers in place with clips and sew the sides of the fold, up to where the glued section begins. Backstitch a bit to reinforce the seam.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can also just use glue for this step.

Finish the clutch purse

Remove the clips from the glued section you made in the first step.

Mark the center of the fold and install the male part of the magnetic snap. Fold it down to see where the snap gets to when the purse is closed. Mark that section and install the female part of the magnetic snap.

If you need more details for this step, click here.

As a finishing touch, glue a ribbon or a decoration of your choice over the top magnetic snap to conceal it.

Now you’re ready for a night out with your new purse!

Step by step video tutorial

For more details follow this link:

Suggested materials:
  • Placemat
  • Metal snap
  • Ribbon or decoration for the flap

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  • Djg15492196 Djg15492196 on Oct 23, 2021

    I think I will. I have two round placemats that I bought on sale because they were pretty. I haven’t found what I could do with them till now.

  • Marilyn Marilyn on Oct 23, 2021