Bra Hack for Wide Neck Tops

Nobody likes when their bra straps are playing peek a boo with everyone. You could get a strapless bra but those tend to be less comfortable and hard to find a good one that doesn't slide down. I have another post that solves that problem... This little hack is perfect for those wide boat neck style tops. While you are reading this post you should follow my Instagram where I post even more reels with fashion hacks and styling tips.

Here is the reel I put on my Instagram.

First unhook the straps from the back of your bra and loosen them all that you can

You want them as long as they go

Take both straps and put them over your shoulders

Pull the left strap under your left arm and your right strap under your right arm and make them meet in the middle of the fron

Now pull both straps together and hook them in the front

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Let me know in the comments below if you try this hack and if it works for you.

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  • JanM JanM on Apr 22, 2024

    I like your idea. I do have one question. What do you do to stop the straps from sliding if you have sloping shoulders? ( Only one thing worse than tucking straps in if they are exposed at the neckline… that’s reaching in to keep pulling them up if they’re sliding down your arms!)