Try This Bra Hack Next Time You Wear One-shoulder Tops

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Hi everyone!

Do you want to know how to wear a regular strappy bra while rocking a one-shoulder dress? Here, I’m going to show you a one-shoulder bra hack that you can achieve in only a few steps.

This bra hack is so easy but effective - you'll want to share it with all your friends. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Bra strap

Loosening the strap

1. Loosen the strap

First, loosen one strap all the way so it’s as big as you can make it.

Strap pulled over head

2. Pull over head

Then pull the strap over your head and under your arm.

One shoulder bra hack

Finish by simply tucking the bra strap under the strap of your dress.

One shoulder bra hack 

Here is the finished look! You can’t see the bra at all as both bra straps are tucked under your dress. This is such an easy and useful hack - give it a try!

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