How To Clean Ugg Boots or Any Sheepskin Boots At Home

by Mom4Real

If you own Ugg boots or any other sheepskin boots for that matter, then this post is for you! I live in mine during the winter, but they get dirty pretty easily and are very expensive to have professionally cleaned. After a trip to NY last year where I wore mine in the rain, I was ready to toss them. I decided to try to clean them myself, and the results were amazing! My boots look and feel like new again!

These boots had been stained by rain and sludge, so I tossed them in my garage. They sat there for over 6 months. Right before I was going to throw them out, I decided to try to clean them myself.

I used a dry and clean dish scrub brush to dry brush them and remove any loose dirt.

Next, I used a baby brush and very mild detergent to clean the entire boot.

After rinsing and allowing them to dry overnight, they looked like new again! I've been wearing them for the past month, and am so glad that I took the chance and cleaned them myself. To see the full cleaning tutorial and a short video showing how I cleaned them, hop on over to my blog!

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  • Dana Dana on Dec 15, 2022

    First of all, stuff the boots with paper to keep them from shrinking, clean them as you did.. great job.. next is to water proof them.

    I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and love my Ugg boots. There’s also a tip for stinky boots, clean with vinegar. Never toss in the washing machine or dryer. Simple to clean and here’s another great tip.. if you get sick of the lighter colour you can dye them your self.

    with suede Nubuck Dye. 12.00 a bottle does short ankle boots, for tall ones you will need more, application was very easy, and after dried spray on water repellent. Hope this helps

  • Denise Cerro Denise Cerro on Dec 15, 2022

    I actually throw mine in the washer and let them dry naturally. They look great and they shrink up a bit and fit snug again. I do this with all my UGG's and they last a long time and look better!

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    • Lee Lee Lee Lee on Dec 30, 2023

      I threw my UGG slippers in the washer with mild detergent and old towels then stuffed them with crumpled paper bags and dried them on my screened in porch in the sunlight for two days and taking them in each night. They got cleaned and they did not shrink.