Refashion a Fleece Blanket Into a Cozy Loungewear Set

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These days, a lot of us are at home more than ever before. I’ve found that there is nothing better than wearing comfy and cozy clothes to lounge around the house in.

I got a cozy fleece blanket from IKEA and I decided to transform it into a very cute loungewear set. Check out this amazing upcycle!

Tools and materials:

  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Safety pin
  • Sewing machine
Marking fabric

1. Mark the fabric 

To start off, I folded the fabric over and then measured the length that I wanted which was 18 inches plus an inch for seam allowance. 

Measuring 10 inches

I then marked the width of the fabric which was 10 inches including an inch for seam allowance. 

Marking fabric

Next, I went ahead and drew a line where I wanted the top of the piece to start. 

Marking an inch downward

From that line, I marked an inch downward. 

Marking inward

I then marked two inches inward from the fold and connected the last two markings I had made with a ruler. 

Marking the shoulder

Next, I marked the shoulder measurement. Mine was 16 inches which I then divided by 2 and marked on the fabric. 

Making fabric

From that shoulder measurement, I went down 8 inches to mark my armhole. 

Making fabric

I then took my ruler and drew a horizontal line from the armhole marking. 

Making fabric

I also drew a vertical line from the shoulder mark to the armhole mark. 

Making bust

For the bust, I measured along the horizontal line I had drawn, dividing my bust by 4. 

Marking midpoint

I also marked the midpoint between the shoulder and the armhole. 

Marking from the midpoint

Next, I marked an inch inward from that midpoint. 

Drawing the armhole curve

I drew the armhole curve by connecting all the points. 

Drawing the neckline

2. Work on the neckline 

With the armhole ready, I moved on to work on the neckline. I decided to make the neckline 3 inches by 3 inches so that it wouldn’t be too low.

Once you have marked the two points, you can then connect the two markings with a curved line. 

Cutting the fabric

3. Cut the fabric 

Finally, I could cut the fabric following my markings. 

Cutting the fabric

I used the front piece as a pattern to cut out the back pieces. The only difference was that I added an inch to the armhole of the back piece. 

Cutting the fabric

Once I had the front and back pieces ready, I moved on to the sleeves. I used a pattern for sleeves that I already had to cut out the fabric. 

Sewing the bodice

4. Sew the pieces together 

To put these pieces together, I pinned and sewed the shoulder and side seams together.

I decided to leave the neckline as is because this kind of fabric doesn’t really need to be hemmed. 

Sewing the sleeves

In this step, I moved on to attaching the sleeves.

First, I pinned and sewed the sides of each sleeve together. 

Attaching the sleeves

I lined up the sleeves and the armholes and started pinning things in place. I then sewed the sleeves onto the bodice and it was complete! 

Making loungewear shorts

5. Create the shorts

To make the matching shorts for this loungewear set, I used a pair of shorts I already owned.

I folded the fabric over twice and placed the shorts on the fabric. I then cut around the shorts adding fabric at the top and bottom because I wanted my new pair to be high-waisted. 

Pinning the seams

Once I had the fabric cut out, I pinned and sewed the front seams and bottom part of the crotch seam. 

Making loungewear shorts

I then matched the crotch areas of the two pieces together and pinned and sewed the two pieces together. 

Making loungewear shorts

I measured and marked to get the desired length for my new shorts. I cut off the excess fabric that I didn’t need from the top. 

Adding drawstring

6. Add a drawstring 

I then folded over the top of the shorts to create a channel for a string to go through because I really wanted to add a drawstring to the shorts.

I folded the fabric in by about an inch and a half and sewed all the way around. 

Adding drawstring

I used a pair of scissors to make two small holes on the center front of the shorts to thread my drawstring through. 

Adding drawstring

I cut a strip of the fabric for the drawstring and attached the safety pin to the end of the strip.

I then used the safety pin to help me thread the drawstring through the channel I had created. 

DIY cozy loungewear set

DIY cozy loungewear set

This was such a fun and easy upcycle! I am just obsessed with my new loungewear set!

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Suggested materials:
  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
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