Keep Your Strapless Bra From Sliding

Strapless bras are great and meant to be helpful. We all have a good romper or dress that needs a strapless bra. But the allure leaves when your bra keeps sliding down and creating an unnecessary saggy look.

That's why I'm sharing this trick for keeping your strapless bra in and place and stop it from sliding down. This hack will help you stay looking perky you won't have to worry about your bra for the night!

This is a step-by-step video you can find it on my instagram with all of my other fashion hack reels @trending_with_trina

First hook one of the straps on the back and tighten it all the way

Next take the other strap and connect it to the back and tighten it all the way too

Connect the two straps in the front

This is how it should look with the straps in the front of your bra. Obviously you would wear your bra under your shirt and I'm just doing the step-by-step on top as an example.

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