How to Properly Tuck in a Shirt: 4 Easy Methods

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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Sometimes tucking in our shirt doesn't work as well as we hoped for, especially when tucking in an oversized shirt, as they can be quite tricky and end up looking messy instead of put together.

That is why, in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to properly tuck in a shirt in different ways to get the perfect look.

Seamless tuck

Seamless tuck

This way of tucking in your shirt is perfect for when you are wearing pants that are too light, thin and always make your shirt look very visible and bumpy if you tuck it in.

1. Tuck opposite sides in

All you need to do is to tuck the two front pieces of your shirt underneath your bra.

You want to tuck each piece on the opposite side.

Seamless tuck

2. Adjust

After you have tucked in both sides, just play with it in front of the mirror until it looks flat and you’re happy with it.

Seamless tuck

3. Tuck in back

For the back, fold the shirt inside and tuck the tail of the shirt inside the back of your bra to keep it from falling.

Again, play with the shape of the shirt until it looks good. 

Seamless tuck

Now you have a perfect tucked-in shirt that leaves no bumps under your pants and no prints showing through the fabric.

Full tuck 

Full tuck

1. Tuck shirt in

All you need to do is start by doing a regular tuck.

Try to keep the fabric very flat to the skin. You can direct each side of the shirt to each leg so you feel more comfortable.

Full tuck

2. Pull out

Once the full tuck is done, you want to start by pulling out a little bit of your shirt in the front to create a pouch, this will give you more room. 

Full tuck

Then pull out the back of your shirt completely and just tuck in the tail of the shirt.

Play with the shape until you have a straight line at the back and some sort of triangle in the front, almost like a French tuck.

Full tuck

3. Roll up sleeves

Always roll up your sleeves with this kind of tuck. It will help you look more put together.

Full tuck

This technique allows you to tuck in your shirt without it being so tight.

Effortless half-tuck

Effortless half-tuck

1. Tuck shirt under bra

Unbutton your shirt and tuck the bottom of your shirt on the side that has the buttons into your bra on the same side.

Effortless half-tuck

2. Do up buttons

Once it’s tucked in, button up your shirt until you reach the pants. Play with the front of the shirt until it looks nice. 

Effortless half-tuck

3. Tuck the bottom

Then tuck the bottom of the cropped side of the shirt in the back to help it hold a nice shape.

Effortless half-tuck

Finish with a belt and a blazer to get a more put-together look. I love to make sure that the half I tucked in is sitting nicely behind the buckle of my belt.

Super oversized tuck

Sometimes shirts have too much fabric, and they look sloppy when you tuck them in.

Super oversized tuck

1. Hold shirt at the back

Hold the back of your shirt on both sides in the back. Then bring them together in the center, leaving the extra fabric inside. 

Super oversized tuck

2. Tie fabric

Hold everything tight with an elastic underneath the shirt.

Super oversized tuck

3. Tuck shirt in

Then tuck your shirt as you normally would. You will see how the extra fabric disappears.

The fabric is going to sit nicely in a V shape in the back. I always like to roll up my sleeves when I'm wearing a shirt.

Super oversized tuck

Here is the finished look.

How to properly tuck in a shirt

There we have four different ways that you can tuck an oversized shirt into your pants. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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  • Diane Diane on Sep 06, 2023

    Love your ideas for tucking a shirt

  • Hope Hope on Sep 13, 2023


    In the "Super Oversized Tuck" example...the pic that shows you gathering the back of the pretty green shirt together before you tuck it in...I think it would be really pretty if you used a blouse-clip (I'm not sure what they're called exactly) to hold the 'gathers' in the back and forego the tuck altogether. (I hope that makes sense). : )