Silk Shirt Outfit Ideas: 7 Ways to Style, Tuck & Tie Your Button-Down

If you’re looking for ways to maximize the potential of your wardrobe and style pieces you already own, look no further. Today, Giedre is going to show you some satin and silk shirt outfit ideas, demonstrating different ways to style your button-down shirt.

Giedre is going to be styling a long-sleeve satin button-down shirt. Most of the styling options should work with any fabric, but just make sure to choose a loose-fitting shirt, as you need some additional fabric to play around with. This button-down is on the longer side, and it falls below the hips.

1. Criss-cross loop

Crossing the sides of the silk shirt

For the first style, start by crisscrossing the two flaps of your button-down. Take the flap that has buttons on it and bring it through a belt loop on your pants or jeans.


Brining the shirt end through a belt loop

Then, grab the other side and fold the strip with the buttonholes inside, so it’s not that visible. Bring the flap through the belt loop on the other side. Finally, to get a little bit of a deeper neckline, unbutton the top of the shirt and fold the shirt inside. 

Different ways to wear a silk shirt

This style looks sophisticated without feeling restrictive, and it is very comfortable.

2. Criss-cross tuck

Tucking the shirt into jeans

This next look is very similar to the last one. 

Crossing the fabric and tucking the shirt

This time, you want to crisscross the flaps and tuck them directly into your jeans. Hide the buttons by folding them inside when tucking the shirt in. To add more definition to your silhouette, you can also pull the sleeves up and tuck in the back of the shirt. 

How to style a silk shirt

Giedre finalized everything with a belt. This styling technique is quite similar to the first style, but it looks more polished and neat.

3. Bunny’s ears

How to tie a knot in a silk shirt

This is a great technique that shows you how to create a beautiful and neat knot in the simplest way. Start off with a simple knot.

How to tie a bunny-ear knot in a shirt

Take one flap, bring it around your fingers, so you create a gap. Then, take another flap and bring it through the gap you just created. Pull everything and voilà! You have created a beautiful perfect knot. 

How to tie a button-down shirt

As you can tell, this style has a little bit more of a laidback vibe. It is excellent for summer.

4. Neat knot

How to know a shirt perfectly

Here we have another easy way to create a perfect knot. 

Easy ways to tie a shirt

Pull one flap through the gap between your buttons, then pull the other flap a bit higher through the next hole up between the buttons. That’s it - you are done!

Knotted button-down silk shirt

Giedre loves this version of the knotted button-down. As you can tell, no buttons or holes are visible, and it looks very tidy and precise.

5. Tucked-in knot

Tucking the silk shirt between the buttons

This technique is similar to the last one. Start by tucking one flap through the gap between the buttons. 

How to tie a knot in a buttoned shirt

Do the same on the other side, then tuck those flaps into your jeans. To create more definition, finish off the look by adding a belt. 

Silk button-down shirt outfit

With the finished look, you can move freely, everything is secured, and the shirt is not moving around. This is a great way of tucking in your shirt without having additional lumps and bumps in your mid-section. 

6. Ponytail

Tying a silk shirt with an elastic

This styling option is very quick to achieve. Take an elastic and create a simple ponytail from the two flaps. 

Tucking the silk shirt under your bra

Then, bring everything in and tuck it under your bra. If you’re not comfortable doing this, it is also possible to tuck it inside your pants instead.

Laidback silk button-up shirt outfit

Finish by bringing up the sleeves a little bit and opening the neckline so that you’re showing a bit more skin. This is a very relaxed and cool way to wear your blouse.

7. Asymmetrical closure

How to do an asymmetric closure

The last styling option is the most creative: an asymmetrical closure! First, bring the fourth button up and put it through the third buttonhole. Then, fold the buttons at the top of the shirt inside so that they are not visible.

How to wear a silk button-up shirt

There are two options. First, you can button the rest of your blouse and just leave that as it is. This way, you will get a plain and straightforward, but quite an interesting, asymmetric cut. 

Cute silk shirt outfit ideas

Another option is to tuck in one of the sides and leave the rest of the fabric to flow freely. Again, this is a very fast and wearable way to style your shirt.

Silk shirt outfit ideas

Giedre hopes that next time you put on a silk or satin button-down shirt, you will try out a new styling option that you have seen here. There are so many creative ways to style a silk button-down shirt. Have fun wearing yours in a new way!

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  • Susan Susan on Nov 07, 2022

    On the first one, where putting the shirt though the bel loops, how do you secure the ends once you get it like you want it?