You've Never Seen a Button-down Blouse Styled Like THIS

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Try out this button-down hack with me! I bet you’ve never seen a button-down blouse styled like this. See for yourself in this step-by-step tutorial.

Putting on the button-down

1. Put on the button-down

Start by wearing the button-down as usual but only buttoning the top button.

2. Grab at the 3rd button and secure behind your neck

Next, count 3-4 buttons down from the closed button, depending on the length of your shirt. 

Grabbing 3rd button

Then pull that button and its hole behind you and fasten it at your neck.


3. Button up

Now fasten the rest of the buttons.


Here’s the result of this insane button-down hack:

Button-down hack

Button-down hack

Try out this easy, button-down hack for a unique and stylish look. You have nothing to lose and there are no additional materials to buy!

Let me know how you get on in the comments.

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  • Denise Denise on May 29, 2023

    I want to see what the back looks like.

  • Barbara Brown Barbara Brown on Jul 10, 2023

    Cant imagine how this shirt hangs with all that material bunched up across the shoulders. Sure it looks good on HER...maybe not so classy looking on us average girls.