Tie Your Shirt Like This for a More Polished Look

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If you have a button down shirt or two in your wardrobe, follow along to learn this hack for how to tie your shirt, resulting in a more polished look.

I love how easy it is to achieve and how flattering it looks. Try out this hack with me!

Tools and materials:

  • Button down shirt
Stop tying your tops like this

1. Put on your button down

Wear your button down shirt as usual and leave the bottom 2 buttons open. This leaves you with 2 tails at the bottom of the shirt.

Tying top

2. Pull a tail through the gap

Stick your fingers through the gap between the last closed buttons.

Tying top

Then pull one of the tails through the gap.

Tying top

3. Pull the other tail through the gap

Next, pull the final tail through the same gap.

Tying top

Here’s the final look for this button down shirt hack:

Tie your shirt like this for a more polished look

Tie your shirt like this for a more polished look

This tied button down hack is so easy to achieve and it takes less than a minute! Will you try it? Let me know!

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  • RClaire RClaire on Jun 03, 2023

    This looks good and avoids having a bulky knot. Thanks for the idea.