How to Look Polished and Put Together: 7 Easy Closet Hacks

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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Do you ever feel like your wardrobe just isn’t pulling its weight?

Follow along to learn how to look polished and put together. These fashion hacks and tips will help make your wardrobe work for you!

Editing closet

1. Edit your closet

There’s no need to shop every trend in order to look stylish. It’s entirely possible to work with what you already have.

That being said, it’s important to go through your closet and remove pieces that don’t fit you, are broken or worn out.

Get rid of or pack away items that you no longer wear. This is key when refreshing your wardrobe. 

Heeled shoe

2. Re-organize 

Once you’re left with a versatile collection of your favorites, re-fold and organize everything. 

Shirt hanging

If necessary, make changes within your closet setup to better house each category of items.

Organizing closet

3. Address the items that need TLC

Separate items that need to be altered, ironed, cleaned etc.

Organizing closet

Then, don’t forget to do those tasks! It’s easy to procrastinate, but this is an important step in making your wardrobe work for you!

When you pull a shirt out of your closet and it’s already ironed, it’s ready to wear and it will look more appealing. 


4. Understand your body type and personal style

Understand your body type before shopping for new items. This knowledge will help you pick clothes that compliment you and make you feel confident.

Knowing the fits that suit you will allow you to play with proportions to style amazing outfits. 

It's all about the fit

5. Take care of your clothes

 If you want to extend the shelf life of your clothes, make sure to take care of them. This means knowing how to wash them properly.

Always look at the garment tags and make sure you understand the care symbols.

Even better, before buying something new, read the tag and make sure that you’re willing to follow the required steps to preserve the quality of the item.

Care label

6. Clean your shoes and de-pill your sweaters

Cleaning your shoes is so important. You’ll feel much better about them when you feel that they aren’t that old, they’re just dirty!

Also, don’t forget to de-pill your sweaters. Believe me, it’s therapeutic and your sweaters will instantly look newer.

De-bobbling garment

7. Take time to style your outfits

It’s not enough to just buy something you like and throw it on.

One habit that makes a world of a difference is ironing your clothes before getting dressed.

Wrinkle-free garments sit better on the body and will make you feel more polished. 


Then, play with the way you style your outfits.

Don’t be afraid to try on a few different options to compare and see what works well together.

Do this to look good

How to look polished and put together

Which one of these tips for how to look polished and put together did you like the best?

Let me know in the comments below which fashion hack is your favorite. Then learn how to properly tuck in a shirt with 4 easy methods

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