How to Look Stylish in Jeans and Top

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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We've all been there – an outfit that doesn't quite work, leaving you feeling less than fabulous.

In this tutorial, we're going to tackle one common fashion dilemma and show you how to look stylish in jeans and a top by balancing your outfit proportions for a well-proportioned look. Let's get started!

Outfit example

1. Re-evaluate your jean choice

The delicate pointy shoes with skinny jeans in the example outfit can make everything feel top-heavy.

To fix this issue: Swap the skinny jeans for a straight or wide-leg style to balance your proportions. These styles create a more even silhouette, especially when paired with pointy shoes.

Outfit example

2. Opt for a well-placed bag

The black crossbody bag resting at the widest point of the body can make the hips appear even wider.

Here's how to remedy this: Swap the black crossbody bag for a tan shoulder bag that mimics the shade of your pointy shoes.

This creates a cohesive color scheme and draws attention upward.

Add a belt to cinch your waist and create an hourglass shape. This visually narrows your midsection and enhances your proportions.

Outfit example

How to look stylish in jeans and top

By following these steps, you can achieve a well-balanced and stylish look that flatters your body shape.

Say goodbye to feeling top-heavy and hello to a confident, chic appearance!

Let me know if this trick helped you below.

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