5 Easy Hair Tie Fashion Hacks

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In this video, Casey Matheny shares five style hacks using hair ties to enhance everyday outfits.

1. Droopy sleeves hack

The first hack is to keep droopy sleeves in place by placing a hair tie above or below the elbow and cinching the fabric over it.

2. Waistline hack

The second hack expands the waistline for more comfort if you're in between sizes or pregnant.

Simply loop a hair tie through the buttonhole and around the button to provide some wiggle room.

3. Baggy sweater hack

For baggy sweaters, the third hack creates a clean front tuck by gathering the sweater like a ponytail and wrapping it with a hair tie, giving a more defined waistline without tucking it into your pants.

Hair ties

4. Belt hack

The fourth hack makes belts more versatile by using a hair tie as an additional belt buckle, allowing you to transition a longer belt from hips to waist.

5. Bra hack

The fifth and final hack transforms a regular bra into a halter-style bra by looping a hair tie around the loosened bra straps, creating an X shape, and tying it on top, ideal for halter tops or makeshift sports bras.

Hair tie fashion hacks

Casey's hacks are simple and practical, suitable for everyday use. Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.

Then, head over to Casey’s YouTube channel for more awesome content.

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  • Lisa Lisa on Apr 18, 2024

    Would be like a razor back bra. Makes it convenient hack.

  • Stephanie Contos Stephanie Contos on Apr 24, 2024

    Some good ideas but a little less talk and a lot more showing examples. Especially the one about the pant waistline--just show how it is done not a million reasons for it.