5 Super Easy Hacks For Fixing Heat Damaged Hair

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One thing I’ve done repeatedly is assaulting my hair with chemicals and hot tools, melting it to the ground.

Today, I’m going to talk about how to fix heat-damaged hair without cutting it and how to heal your over-processed bleached frizzy hair. Let’s get started!

Dry hair

1. Lay off the hot tools

Once you’ve gotten to the point of no return, you have to lay off the hot tools.

Avoid hot blow-dryers, super hot showers, straighteners, and other hot tools until your hair is healthier and strong enough to handle it.

If you don’t, your hair is going to look worse over time and you’ll end up losing all of it!

Wearing shower cap in bath

2. Go as long as you can between washes

Washing strips the hair of natural moisture and oils found on the scalp, and it dries the hair out.

Get yourself a solid shower cap, so you can still take a shower every day but avoid getting your hair wet.

I think of this like washing your clothes: When you buy something new, it looks amazing and new. But, when you wash it thirty times, it starts to get wear and tear.

Hair is a lot like that. If your hair is in a really damaged state, stretch out those washing sessions as best as you can. 

Applying dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great way to stretch out your washing sessions.

Immediately after your hair dries from the first wash, apply a dry shampoo, so there’s a layer already on the clean hair ready to absorb the oil.

Every morning, part your hair and apply the dry shampoo throughout the layers. Let it set for a few minutes, then brush it out from roots to ends.

Heatless hairstyles

3. Experiment with heatless hairstyles

Around day two or three, it can be hard to not pull out your hot tools or give in and wash your hair, especially if you have a fine hair texture.

Since you’re not heat-styling or wetting your hair, experiment with heatless hairstyles so you can still look really cute and put together without styling tools. 

Heatless hairstyles

Start using cute accessories like bandanas and headbands. They can hide frizz and grease well while still allowing you to look super cute and trendy.

After reading this guide, you might want to check out my post on 6 Easy Heatless Hairstyles to Try at Home!

Treatment mask

4. Use a treatment mask

Use a great treatment mask in combination with a heat cap.

Microwave the heat cap so it’s nice and warm, apply the treatment mask, and let it sit for 5-15 minutes. The heat helps your hair absorb the nutrients of the mask, so spending a little extra time to do this after you shower makes a huge difference.

When your hair is in a super damaged state, every single product you use should support that damage. Your shampoo, conditioner, and treatment mask should be tailored to dry, damaged, stressed hair so remember to read the label!

Make sure you’re catering your hair care routine towards repair. Products make an enormous difference, so choose the ones that will give you the maximum benefit based on the problems you’re experiencing.

5. Stop dyeing your hair 

Stop dyeing your hair with anything stronger than a semi-permanent dye and do not do it at home.

I’m all for at-home DIY stuff, but when your hair is in a rough state, you have to go to a professional.

I also recommend regular trims every 8-12 weeks because if you’ve gone too far, you’re going to lose length, and holding on to fried, melty ends will do you no good.

Think of split ends like holes in pantyhose. If you let the hole live, it will zip up the pantyhose and ruin everything.

Damaged ends are the same! They will zip up the hair shaft and ruin your hair, so you’ve got to cut that off.

How to fix heat damaged hair: Healthy hair

How to fix heat damaged hair

I hope you found these tips on how to fix heat-damaged hair and how to fix chlorine-damaged hair tangible and really helpful.

Let me know which tip is your favorite down below as well as what you’re currently doing to repair your damaged hair.

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