How to Style a Robe in 15 Different Ways

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I’m going to show you how to style a robe in tons of different ways! We’ve got drape front dresses and backward dresses, one shoulder and strapless, we’ve got wrap front skirts and one-shoulder minis, dusters and tops. Let’s do it!

How to style a silk robe

Style 1 - Worn as a classic robe

For those days when you’re just lounging around the house and can’t be bothered to get dressed, slip on a robe, and you’ll be a-ok. Who says you can’t be lazy and stylish? ;)

DIY robe style

Style 2 - Worn as a duster 

Throw it on over a t-shirt and jeans and, hey presto, you have a duster jacket. So easy and yet so chic.

Robe with tie

Style 3 - Worn to a wedding 

Dress the robe up with a black dress and a statement necklace, and you get a gorgeous outfit that you can wear to a wedding. The tie waist brings the outfit together and takes it up a notch. 

Robe outfits

Style 4 - Worn as a layering piece

This is the reverse of the duster jacket look. Instead of wearing the robe over your clothes, wear it as the main piece and pop a snazzy jacket on top. Experiment with different layering options and see what look you can create.

Outfits with a robe

Style 5 - Worn backward

Put the robe on backward, and wowee, you have a whole new outfit. The high neckline is elegant, it’s sophisticated - worn this way it’s just beautiful!

How to style a robe dress

Style 6 - Worn bloused mini

Fan out the top part of your ankle-length dress, and you now have a mini. Worn with a pair of over-the-knee boots, this look is to die for.

Versatile robe

Style 7 - Worn as a fitted mini

Similar to the last look but nice and fitted. This dress is great for a night out with the girls. It’s fun and fabulous. 

Ways to wear a robe

Style 8 - Worn as a v-neck mini

This mini I love because it has a stunning v-shaped neckline. Wear it with a statement necklace, and you’ve got an incredible outfit.

Black and white robe

Style 9 - Worn as a draped-front midi

Here I’ve created a draped-front, almost handkerchief bottom. This really spices things up and adds some va-va-voom to your look.

Patterned robe

Style 10 - Worn as a one-shoulder maxi

Slip one arm out of the dress, pinch the material on the other side, and then tie the two together. You can take a look at my video to see exactly how I tied this.

Robe dress

Style 11 - Worn as a one-shoulder mini

Similar to the previous look but now worn as a mini instead. The off the shoulder style creates a gorgeous asymmetrical look.

Fashionable robe

Style 12 - Worn as a front-tie strapless dress

Here, the arms of the robe are used to tie a funky bow at the front. The bow is a really fun element on this strapless dress.

Handmade robe

Style 13 - Worn as a maxi skirt 

The open slit on this skirt is very sexy, but with the help of a safety pin, you can also pin it closed if you’d like a bit more coverage.

How to style a robe

Style 14 - Worn as draped front midi-skirt

Here is another way that you can wear it as a skirt, this time with a draped front. The different lengths of the skirt make this a really nice piece. 

Ways to wear a robe dress

Style 15 - Worn as a top.

Pop a midi-skirt on top, and no one will know that there is a robe under there! Voila, you have a top.

There we have it - 15 different outfits with one item of clothing! So next time you’re going away on vacation and you want to pack light, you know what to take. In fact, you won’t really need to pack anything else.

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