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IKEA has become a well-known, global brand, and you’ve probably noticed that it has an authentic design and branding to its apparel, too. I love their use of colors, and I also love a good upcycle. Put these together, and what do you have? A unique IKEA bag! If you have one of their recycled shopping bags lying around, why not create an IKEA bag upcycle by making a cute little clutch for day-to-day use? Check out my IKEA bag purse tutorial and see how easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable this project is.

Tools and materials:

  • IKEA bag
  • Yellow zipper
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Zipper foot
  • Sewing machine
IKEA blue bag

Cut the pattern

Lay your IKEA bag flat and measure a 35 x 22 cm (13.7 X 8.6 inches) square. Draw this out and cut, making sure that you are cutting only one layer.

IKEA bag upcycle

Modify the straps

Next, seam rip the straps, as you’ll be needing that for your new bag. Undo the seams so that you have two long straps.

IKEA bag project

Sew the two long straps on the short ends, right sides facing.

IKEA bag purse

You should now have one long, 105 cm (41 inch) strap.

IKEA zipper bag

Attach the zipper

Take your bright yellow zipper and measure the width of the IKEA bag piece, and mark the length on the zipper.

IKEA shopping bag

Now pin the one side of the zipper to the side of the IKEA bag piece, as shown. Make sure you don’t attach the tail on the zipper’s end. Also, pin the zipper with the right side facing down. 

Next, take the other end of the zipper and pin it on the bottom edge of the IKEA bag piece. As you can see, you kind of create a cross on the unpinned section of the zipper.

Sew along the edges using a zipper foot on your sewing machine.

To ensure a clean and professional finish, fold the edges outward and topstitch as close to the zipper’s edge as possible. Repeat on the other side.

Attach the straps

Cut two Ikea straps to size and place them about an inch away from the zipper on either side.

Stitch to secure, making sure to stitch the strap on either side, again, leaving the ends loose.

Now, cut the short ends of both the strap and the zipper.

Fold the purse in half, zip up the zipper, and carefully cut off the loose end.

Sew one end of the zipper, as shown.

Make the side pieces

You’ll notice that the sides of the purse are open. You’ll need to make two pieces to attach on either end. Start by measuring the length of the purse; mine was 17cm (6.6 inches).

Now, to make a circle, there’s an equation to follow. First, take the length of your side and multiply it by two. Next, follow this equation as shown above. ( Since my measurement was 17cm [6.6 inches], I will work with 34cm [13.3 inches]).

I will need to use a 5.4cm (2.1 inches) radius. I trace this on the original bag and cut out the circle. When cutting, add a 1cm (¼ inch) seam allowance. Also, cut the second piece by simply following the first circle’s outline.

Fold both circle pieces in half and cut small notches on either end. Them fold it in half on the other side and cut two more notches, leaving you with four even notches.

Go ahead and make notches on the bag, too, folding in half each time so that you also have four notches all around. This will help you line the pieces when sewing.

Assemble the bag

To attach the circle pieces, fold your bag inside out and pin the circle pieces to either side by matching the notches you just made.

Next, attach the long strap to the IKEA bag purse by sliding it inside ( right sides facing the bag) and attaching it on either end from the inside of the bag. Remove the top pin and insert the short end of the strap through the circle. This will be sewn together with the circle pieces.

Sew on either end and cut off any excess fabric.

Add the bias tape

To make your bag stay upright and sturdy, attach some bias tape around the circle’s rims on either end. Fold it over as shown, pin, and sew accordingly.


When you get to the zippers, sew over them slowly.

Fold your bag inside and out, and look at your lovely work of art! You successfully transformed an IKEA blue bag into a cute and stylish IKEA purse. It looks totally awesome, and the strap part is my favorite. How do you like this IKEA bag upcycle? I think it’s a clever, inexpensive way to make a purse in a really unique way.

Suggested materials:
  • IKEA bag
  • Yellow zipper
  • Seam ripper
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