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Hey y''s post is super fun! We are big fans of drop cloths. You know...the kind you find in the paint supply department. Well, did you know that you could use them for things other than catching paint drips and spills? We have personally used them as tablecloths, table runners, vanity seat covers and more. Today we will show you how we created a drop cloth farmer's market tote bag.
Our tried and true, all-time favorite drop cloth is from Ace Hardware. This isn't a sponsored post...we just really love their drop cloths. This one set us back $8.00. It is a lot of fabric - a little over 3 yards. We were able to make three large tote bags and one large pillow cover and we still have a lot left over for future projects.
We have purchased a lot of drop cloths over the years. Some can be very pricey...and then when you get them home they are dirty and have holes in them or the seams aren't sewn together. We aren't kidding. And we are left wondering, what happened before it was packaged? All of this is to say that we have never been disappointed with the Ace cloth…ever.
It starts out as a thick canvas that we call oatmeal colored. We prefer to take the color of our cloth from this… this.

Beautifully soft and creamy white. Now, we know you are wondering how we got it too look this way. We use a bleach bath method. After lots of trial and error over the years, this is the ONLY way we bleach our drop cloths.
Here's how we put the bags together. for more detailed info please visit:
You need to print your artwork and graphics in reverse print.

You can get the graphics we used HERE...
We used thrifted, vintage belts for the straps.
We also added a pocket to the back of the bag. It's perfect for holding keys, money and cell phone for hands-free market shopping.
We are pretty proud of how these turned out...
We hope that you give this drop cloth project a try!
Suggested materials:
  • Canvas Drop Cloth   (Ace Hardware)
  • Lesley Riley Transfer Paper   (Hobby Lobby)

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