How to Style a Shawl in 10 Different & Unique Ways

In this style guide, Giedre will show you how to style a shawl in 10 different ways.

The shawl that she will be styling is multifunctional because of the smartly placed buttons that you will see in some of the shawl wrapping styles.

Let's get started with these shawl wrapping styles!

Styling a shawl like a scarf

Style 1

The first style is the most classic one, and this is achieved by folding the scarf in half and pulling the open end through the loop.

This style looks particularly stylish with the thick shawl and the V shape that it creates frames the model’s face very nicely.

How to wear a shawl

How to style a shawl

Style 2

For the next look, Giedre kept one end of the scarf in the loop and brought the loop round to the model’s back.

The other end of the scarf she left hanging down at the front for a nice asymmetrical aesthetic.

Wearing a shawl draped across one shoulder

Shawl outfit from the side

Style 3

Here, Giedre took the shawl out to its full width and then styled it so that one side is overlapping the other on one of the model’s shoulders.

This is a great example of how you also have the option to wear a shawl or scarf wide like this.

Different ways to wear a shawl

Style 4

This is where you will start to see how the buttons on the shawl can come into play.

Here, the model has the shawl draped over one shoulder, and on the other shoulder, Giedre has done up one of the buttons.

In this look, the shawl almost looks a bit like a long flowy top that sits on the model.

Different ways to wear a shawl with buttons

Wearing a shawl over the body

Style 5

This look is very similar to the last one, the only difference being that the shawl is buttoned up under the model’s arm instead of on top of her shoulder.

This style creates a nice diagonal, cut-across appearance.

Unique ways to wear a shawl

Style 6

The next look really is a cross between a shawl and an outerwear garment.

Here, Giedre has done up all of the buttons on the shawl and positioned the buttons down the model’s center like a jacket. The look is symmetrical on both sides, creating a balanced and proportional look.

How to wear a shawl with a belt

Style 7

Here, the shawl is styled in the same way, but Giedre has added a belt around the waist to bring some definition to the model’s waistline.

Shawl wrapping styles

Easy shawl wrapping styles

Style 8

Giedre has kept the shawl the same with this look but brought the buttons round to the back. In addition, she added a long necklace to the front, which works really well against the backdrop of the shawl.

Wearing a shawl as a cape

Styling a shawl

Style 9

Again, we have a very similar look, with Giedre only making small changes each time to alter the appearance.

This style is the same as the last one, only this time Giedre has gathered the shawl up to make it narrow and not wide.

How to style a shawl as a headscarf

Style 10

For the last look, the model is wearing the shawl around her head. This can be a great practical look if it ever starts to rain when you’re outside and you don’t have a hood or an umbrella on you.

How to style a shawl

There we have 10 different ways to style a shawl.

Giedre recommends getting a shawl like this one that has buttons on it because that makes the shawl extra versatile and gives you many more options of how you can style it.

Comment below which style was your favorite!

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