Scarf Hack for Cooler Weather

Claudya Moreira
by Claudya Moreira
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Here’s a neat way to wear a fringed scarf as the weather gets cooler. It won’t fall off or get lost.

You could use the same idea with a thinner pashmina when it’s a bit warmer.

Tools and materials:

  • Long rectangular fringed wool scarf
  • Large hair tie
Folding scarf

1. Fold

Find the center of the long edge of the scarf.

Fold it diagonally so you have the folded edge on top.

Wrapping scarf

2. Wrap

Take the scarf behind your body.

Bringing ends to front

Bring the two ends of the folded edge to the front.

Hair tie

Use a large hair tie to fasten them together.

Tying scarf

3. Tie

Grasp a piece of the fringe in the center of the two side sections.

Tying ends

Take the fringes over the folded edge behind the hair tie, and tie the ends together.


4. Flip

Swivel the scarf around your waist so the back section comes to the front.

Sliding arms into scarf

Flip the wrapover section upwards over the front of your body.

Slide your arms into the openings.

Scarf hack for cooler weather: DIY scarf top

Scarf hack for cooler weather

And voila! You have a wrap-over, backless top you can wear over a shirt or a thin sweater.

So quick and easy to do! And now you don’t have to carry your scarf around with you.

For those that asked, my blouse is from River Island and my pants are from Zara.

Are you going to wear your scarf this way? Comment down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Long rectangular fringed wool scarf
  • Large hair tie

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  • Deborah Tinsley Deborah Tinsley on Oct 31, 2023

    Fantabulous! I certainly didn't see that coming. What a marvelous idea. I'm definitely wearing my wraps, now that I have fresh & new idea!

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have so many I didn't know what to do with them. Peace and love