Testing Out Marilyn Monroe's Vaseline Makeup Hack

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In this video, Bridgette Turco shares a fun makeup experiment inspired by Marilyn Monroe, who allegedly used Vaseline as a primer before applying foundation.

Bridgette tests out this vintage beauty trick with modern makeup.

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Applying a thin layer of Vaseline to her face, Bridgette describes its texture and unpleasant smell. She notes that her face turns slightly red, possibly due to the early morning application.

However, she proceeds with foundation, choosing a liquid type to prevent wiping away the Vaseline. Surprisingly, she finds that the foundation spreads easily and seems to go farther than usual.

After a wear test later in the day, Bridgette is pleased with the results. Despite initial concerns, she is impressed that her makeup, particularly highlighter, looks smooth without enhancing texture. 

She notes a dewy feel to her skin but assures viewers that it doesn't feel uncomfortable or prone to movement.

While she doesn't plan to adopt this routine daily due to Vaseline not being cruelty-free, she acknowledges its effectiveness and recommends it for those looking for an alternative primer that gives a nice, dewy finish.

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