Easy Step-by-Step Makeup for Mature Hooded Eyes

5 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I'll show you step-by-step makeup for mature hooded eyes. Eye makeup does not have to be complicated. Even though mature eyes are not an easy canvas to work with, especially if your eyes are hooded, there are still some tricks that can help in this matter.

I will show you how to do eye makeup for mature hooded eyes using the best tips and tricks. Follow me as I show you step-by-step makeup for older hooded eyes, leaving you feeling and looking as beautiful as ever.

Tools and materials:

  • Dark eyeshadow
  • Light eyeshadow or shimmer
  • Flat brush
  • Round brush
  • Mascara
Finding the crease of your eye

1. Find your crease

To easily find your crease, simply check where your lid falls over your mobile eyelid. People with hooded eyes have two creases when they look forward. 

Naturally, your crease should be somewhere right under your socket bone, just beneath the eyebrows. 

Makeup for hooded eyes

2. Add matte eyeshadow

Start with a darker, matte eyeshadow. It can be brown too, but it should be dark because we will be creating the illusion that our crease is further up by the eye socket’s bone.

Using a matte color is crucial as we play with dark and light colors, so matte will give a more profound illusion. Relax your eyes, look straight forward, find your eye socket bone and gently make a mark with a pointed brush. 

Now, lift your eyebrow and fill in that groove, as shown. It should be a half-moon shape.  

Tip: Use your finger if your eyebrows don’t lift easily. 

Eye makeup for mature hooded eyes

Those who have natural drooping eyes like myself should not continue down with the half-moon shape. If you do, it will add a more droopy effect. 

Hooded eyes makeup tutorial

Now, you should be able to see that your mobile lid appears to be bigger and that your crease looks like it’s higher. 

Also, you should be able to see the eyeshadow when your eyes are open and relaxed. 

Blending the eyeshadow upwards

Once you’re happy with this shape, blend it out upwards (never down) with your brush. 

Deepening the crease with a darker eyeshadow

3. Deepen the crease

Now, take a darker color and use the makeup brush point to create a deeper effect right on the crease, as shown. 

Applying a light color eyeshadow to the lid

4. Enlarge the mobile lid

Now that your crease line is sorted, now use a lighter, brightening color on the mobile lid. Shimmer for this step will also look great, but don’t go over the top. Using a flat brush, apply your choice of eyeshadow to the whole mobile eye area. 

Daytime makeup for hooded eyes

As you can see, my eye already looks more prominent because of the light eyeshadow. 

Shading in the sides with eyeshadow

5. Optional: shade the sides

If you want to shade the sides more, go ahead. The choice is yours, and do what feels best. 

How to do makeup for hooded eyes

Here’s a quick test. I have taken the same dark eyeshadow that I applied on my crease and added it to my mobile lid area on the other eye. Can you see a difference? If anything, it makes my lid look smaller and my hooded eye much deeper. 

Applying mascara to lashes

6. Finishing touches

I applied the same eyeshadow that I applied on the crease to my lower lashes, then finished with some black mascara. Finally, I added a little white shimmer to the eye socket bone.

Step-by-step makeup for older hooded eyes

Step-by-step makeup for mature hooded eyes

There you have it, ladies! Step-by-step makeup for older hooded eyes. I hope you enjoyed this eye makeup for hooded eyes tutorial and that you now know how best to apply makeup for hooded eyes, so you can look and feel confident!

The difference is astonishing. My eyes look brighter and more defined. What do you think of this makeup look? Let me know your tips and tricks for disguising hooded eyes in the comments below.

Products used:

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette (Rebel, Leader, Charmer) - UK

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom palette (Rebel, Leader, Charmer) - US

Blank Canvas cosmetics E42 BRUSH (my fave crease brush)

UK & US https://www.blankcanvascosmetics.com/...

Nars Climax mascara

UK https://rstyle.me/n/dfe4t7b93hf

US https://rstyle.me/n/dfe4s6b93hf

Suggested materials:
  • Dark eyeshadow
  • Light eyeshadow or shimmer
  • Flat brush
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  • Leigh Leigh on Oct 05, 2021

    Excellent! Apparently, I've been doing this all wrong for years so I learned a new trick or two from this to hopefully make my "hereditary" droopy hoods from appearing so prominent now. I also deal with swollen, puffy eyes in the morning especially so getting my makeup to look good before leaving the house is sometimes a challenge. As the morning goes on, the puffy eyes go away but the makeup under my eyes takes on a whole other issue with creasing so I'm going to try the tips in your other video about concealer for older eyes also. Thank you so much! I'll be 60 this December and I can use all the help I can get.

  • Emma Allen Emma Allen on Nov 15, 2021

    Thank you! I have been trying new ways to apply makeup for the paper-thin eyelid. I am anxious to try this!