Easy Beauty Tutorial: How to Fill in Sparse Eyebrows for Older Women

2 Materials
3 Minutes

Changes in beauty trends over the years have not always been kind to our eyebrows! Follow along with my easy tutorial to learn how to fill in sparse brows, especially with older women in mind.

I’ll be using this lovely Bring Back Brow product which comes in gray, brown or blonde. Although the makeup I’m using today is from the Look Fabulous Forever range, you can achieve the same results with any brand of makeup. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Eyebrow brush
  • Liquid eyebrow pen
Brushing brows

1. Brush your brows

First, take your spoolie brush and brush your eyebrows gently upwards.

As I’ve gotten older, my brows have lightened and there are some silver hairs mixed in there. It even looks like the ends have dropped off completely. Sound familiar? 

2. Apply liquid eyebrow pen

Dab off any extra clumps of product, then lightly draw little strokes throughout the brow, going over the actual brows that you have left. 

Filling in brows

Now here’s an eyebrow care trick for filling in the ends that are disappearing: Instead of trying to paint strokes with the pen tip, as we just did for the main brow section, use the entire length of the eyebrow pen.

Drag it carefully at the ends to complete the missing, natural hairline. (See video 2:39-2:52)

Filling in brows

3. Soften your brows

Go over your brows once again with your eyebrow brush. Gently brush in an upward motion. This will help soften your brows for a natural look. 

Brushing brows

Eyebrow makeup for older women

And that’s all there is to this eyebrow care routine. Here’s the final look:

Completed eyebrow makeup for older women

If this tutorial helped teach you how to how to fill in sparse brows, let me know in the comments below.

Feel free to share your before and after pictures as well!

Suggested materials:
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Liquid eyebrow pen

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  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Sep 22, 2023

    I have never really had eyebrows, a few thin hairs with no substance or color here and there. I have tried just about everything available to no avail. But, I absolutely love your makeover. Your brows looks natural and full! Gives me hope. Thanks for sharing this great secret.

  • Johanna Johanna 6 days ago

    You total makeup look is very nice thanks for the tips.