10 Eyebrow Hacks Everyone Should Know!

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In this video, YouTuber Mayra from mayratouchofglam shares some of her favorite eyebrow hacks that everyone should know.

These helpful tips and tricks will transform your eyebrows. Let’s jump into it.

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1. Use two mirrors

The first hack emphasizes the importance of using two mirrors. You should use both a close-up vanity mirror and a regular mirror from a distance to ensure the brows look good from all angles.

2. Tweeze with caution

The next hack involves avoiding regrettable brow tweezing by using a brow pomade to draw and clean up the brows gradually.

3. Concealer for sharp brows

For quick clean-up, Mayra recommends using concealer to create sharp and clean brows, even if there were minor mistakes.

4. Hairspray brow hack

To keep the brows in place, Mayra suggests spraying hairspray on a spoolie and running it through the brows.

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Brow pencil

5. Go easy with brow products

To avoid harsh, overly-intense brows, use a lighter hand with brow products like pomades and use a spoolie to blend and soften the appearance.

6. Draw individual brow hairs

Mayra demonstrates drawing individual brow hairs with pomade to achieve a more natural look, especially in areas where she has sparse hair.

7. Use eyeshadow as a brow powder

For an affordable alternative to brow products, she suggests using eyeshadow in a similar shade to fill in the brows.

8. Angled brush hack

For bolder brows, Mayra recommends wetting an angled brush and using eyeshadow to achieve more intense pigmentation.

9. Spoon hack

Another innovative brow hack Mayra shares involves using a spoon to create a defined arch and guide the brow shaping process, resulting in a clean, perfect line.

10. Find your shape

Lastly, Mayra mentions that there are different brow shapes that suit different face shapes. She encourages viewers to experiment with different brow styles to find the one that best compliments their face.

Eyebrow hacks everyone should know

Which of these eyebrow hacks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below.

Then, head over to Mayra's YouTube channel for more great content.

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  • Cari Macdermott Cari Macdermott on Mar 21, 2024

    I'm 87 and my eyebrows are sparse and partly white. I simply brush on dark

    mascara and smooth it with a toothbrush.

  • Lisa Tetlow Lisa Tetlow 3 days ago

    I am always looking at eyebrow videos as mine are SO non-existent. I love the way you did the individual hair strokes on the beginning of the brows!! I struggle with that all the time, but love the look. Thank you!!