My 5 Top Concealer Hacks That You Need To Try

Smitha Deepak
by Smitha Deepak
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Every single person who does makeup needs to know these five incredible concealer hacks and tricks.

Keep reading to find out about these amazing face-lifting concealer hacks.

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Tools and materials:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eye pencil
  • Color corrector
  • Cotton bud
  • Setting powder
Applying foundation

I usually apply concealer after foundation, so first, go ahead and apply my foundation all over your face other than around your eyes, where you’ll be using the concealer.


1. Mix to get the right tone

To get a concealer that's a true match to your skin tone, always carry a lighter and a darker shade as well.

I mean at least two shades lighter and two shades darker than your match. 

Applying concealer

Now, you can mix colors until you get the right shade.

If you wear a shade that is too light for you, it can look ashy, especially when you apply it over your hyperpigmentation and dark circles.

So, all you have to do is mix in a deeper shade of concealer to get your true match and then blend it out.

That way, it cancels out the blue undertones in your dark circles, and it won't look ashy.

Applying concealer

If your concealer is too dark for your skin tone, you can use a lighter concealer.

Mix the too together until you get the shade of your skin tone.

Applying eye pencil to skin

2. Use an eye pencil instead of powder

If you do not like to set your concealer with powder because you either have dry skin or it cakes up, then you can use a nude eye pencil instead of a concealer.

Eye pencils dry quickly, so they don't need to be set with any powder.

They’re also quick and easy to use and you can use them anywhere around your face where you have dark patches.

Once you’ve applied it, quickly blend it out with your finger.

If you ever have a nude pencil that dries up, you can lightly warm it up with a hair dryer.

Mixing color corrector and concealer

3. Mix color corrector with your concealer

If you have dark circles and hyperpigmentation and you want to avoid using a color corrector with a concealer over it because it cakes up as it has too many layers, then this tip is for you. 

Usually, the norm when you have hyperpigmentation or dark circles is to first apply a peach corrector to cancel out the blue and purple undertones.

Wait for it to completely dry, and then apply your concealer over it to blend it out.

The issue is it's time-consuming because you're applying two products, and it can also cake up because you're layering.

Applying concealer

If you don't want too many layers, try mixing a little bit of color corrector with your concealer.

Now, the concealer has a peach undertone, which you can apply over your dark circles and get the same effect.

Applying concealer

4. Apply different shades in layers

You can use a darker shade of concealer as a color corrector because it has orange undertones.

It's going to cancel out the blue and purple undertones and neutralize your skin.

Applying concealer

Over this, you can use a concealer that's a true match to your skin tone to completely conceal your dark circles.

Applying concealer

Over this, you can use a lighter shade of concealer to highlight.

Apply a little bit in the inner and outer corners and then quickly blend it out with a concealer brush. This will brighten up your under eyes.

Under eyes

5. Prevent creasing under eyes

Instead of applying your concealer directly under your eyes, figure out where your fine lines are.

Applying concealer

For me, it's more prominent in the center.

I'm going to apply my concealer where my dark circles are the darkest, avoiding those fine lines, so mostly in the inner and outer corners.

Then I'm going to apply just a little bit under the fine lines.

Applying concealer

Wait for a couple of minutes till it's a little bit dry and tacky and easier to blend. Then blend it out. 

Applying concealer

While blending, some of that concealer might get in your fine lines which is okay because it's minimal product.

Use a fine-tip cotton bud to remove that concealer from the fine lines.

So if there's no concealer or less product settling in those fine lines the chances of creasing are also minimized.

Concealer hacks

Then set your eyes with a translucent loose powder. Although you will still be able to see your fine lines slightly, the makeup won't crease.

Concealer hacks 

And those were the top five favorite tips that I feel everybody needs to know when it comes to applying makeup under your eyes.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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  • Makeup brushes
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  • Shari Shari 3 days ago

    It took me years to find a concealer not to crease in my lines and I found one , yeah! But I do like what you’re saying about the colors to hide your under eye blue circles. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.