Easy Makeup Tutorial: How to Create Thicker Brows for Older Women

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Have you noticed that as many women get older, their eyebrows tend to disappear?

This eyebrow thinning can be attributed to overplucking, always sleeping on the same side of your face, general health issues or hair discoloration.

Follow along to learn how to bring back brows for older women, using makeup.

The products I'm using today are from the Look Fabulous Forever range, made specifically for mature skin. However, you can achieve the same results with any brand of product.

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Tools and materials:

  • Liquid eyebrow product with brush
  • Spoolie brush
  • Cotton swab
  • Wedge brush and matte eyeshadow
Determining eyebrow shape

1. Determine the shape for your brows

Hold the end of a spoolie brush by the end of your nose, going upward.

This should be the start of your brow. Apply a tiny dot of eyebrow product there to mark the starting point.

To find the end point of your brows, take the spoolie brush from the corner at the end of your nose, diagonally to the outer corner of your eye.

You can mark this point too.

Determining eyebrow shape

The arch of your brow can be different depending on the shape you are going for.

Generally speaking, however, place your spoolie brush starting at the same bottom corner of your nose going upward toward the center of your iris or slightly to the outside.

Add a dot there as well.

Determining eyebrow shape

2. Groom your brows

Use the spoolie to brush the hairs of your eyebrow downward, then upward, to help any wayward hairs sit correctly.

If you find, while doing this, that some of the hairs are rather long, feel free to trim them slightly. 

If there are any hairs underneath the brow shape, you can remove those using your preferred method (wax, tweezers, threading) for a smoother base for eyeshadow.  

Grooming brows

3. Bring back your thinning eyebrows

Shake your liquid brow product before opening.

If you’re using a brown shade, I recommend wiping some excess on a tissue so that it’s not as strong. 

For us women over 50, it might be challenging to hold this tool steady while applying the product.

This is why I recommend resting your pinky and ring fingers on your cheek to offer more stability:

Filling in brows

Then begin filling in any gaps where the hair is sparse with a short, feathery motion.

I typically start in the middle of my brow, but it’s up to you!

Filling in brows

When reaching the middle/front portion of the thinning brow, make upward brushstrokes to match the direction of the hairs there. 

Filling in brows

When you reach the outer edge, you can even lay the brush down to achieve a fine tail. 

Filling in brows

Keep in mind that you want to lift your brows by slightly enhancing that highest point. 

Filling in brows

This particular eyebrow product is excellent because the brush strokes help to mimic the actual texture of your natural brows.

It’s very easy to use and even waterproof. Using an eyebrow pencil can look less subtle. 

Repeat the same method for your other eyebrow. You might have heard that eyebrows are “sisters and not twins”.

In other words, it’s perfectly acceptable if they are not clones.

Filling in brows

4. The secret step: soften your brows

After applying the product, soften your brows to make them appear even more natural by brushing through them a few times with the spoolie brush.

If they still feel too intense, you can further soften them with a cotton swab. 

Brushing brows

Alternatively, if you feel your brows are still looking thin, use a wedge brush with a matte shade of eyeshadow that matches your brows and gradually build it up.

I’m pleased with how my brows look at this point, without doing this extra step: 

Easy brows for older women

Easy brows for older women 

I hope you found this brows routine for older women to be helpful. If you’ve used a similar brow product and have any tips and tricks, please share them in the comments!

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Suggested materials:
  • Liquid eyebrow product with brush
  • Spoolie brush
  • Cotton swab
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