Hot Pad Coin Purse / Card Wallet

Sadie Seasongoods
by Sadie Seasongoods
20 Minutes
Summers are all about tote bags for me- grabbing one for the farmer's market...the beach...a road trip...a flea market. Which means I am always needing a secure coin purse to hold my ID, cash, and cards. And putting two vintage crocheted hot pads together with a little bit of Velcro makes for a super cute, super functional card holder all summer long!
I started off with two adorable vintage hot pads that I had purchased at an antiques shop.
To stiffen up the hot pads, I needed to add firm interfacing to the back of each pad. So, I traced out circles of interfacing and cut them out.
I then stitched strips of complimentary Velcro onto each circle of interfacing so that they lined up and closed perfectly.
Then, I secured the interfacing to each hot pad and stitched them together.
To finish it up, I lined up the hot pads back to back...securing them together with the Velcro so I didn't need pins! And I stitched the lower 2/3 of each hot pad together, leaving the upper 1/3 unstitched.
When all was said and done, I had a perfectly wonderful little coin purse / card wallet that is secure, small, AND cute.
Seriously, how cute is that??

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Sadie Seasongoods
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