Hot Pad Coin Purse / Card Wallet

Sadie Seasongoods
by Sadie Seasongoods
20 Minutes
Summers are all about tote bags for me- grabbing one for the farmer's market...the beach...a road trip...a flea market. Which means I am always needing a secure coin purse to hold my ID, cash, and cards. And putting two vintage crocheted hot pads together with a little bit of Velcro makes for a super cute, super functional card holder all summer long!
I started off with two adorable vintage hot pads that I had purchased at an antiques shop.
To stiffen up the hot pads, I needed to add firm interfacing to the back of each pad. So, I traced out circles of interfacing and cut them out.
I then stitched strips of complimentary Velcro onto each circle of interfacing so that they lined up and closed perfectly.
Then, I secured the interfacing to each hot pad and stitched them together.
To finish it up, I lined up the hot pads back to back...securing them together with the Velcro so I didn't need pins! And I stitched the lower 2/3 of each hot pad together, leaving the upper 1/3 unstitched.
When all was said and done, I had a perfectly wonderful little coin purse / card wallet that is secure, small, AND cute.
Seriously, how cute is that??

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Sadie Seasongoods
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Jul 07, 2015
    Love this idea! The clock print is super cute.
  • Christina Christina on May 24, 2024

    I love the idea and now I can put some of my grandmothers hand crocheted potholders to very good use. But, I’ve got to say I LOVE the pincushion in the top of the teapot. I’m assuming when you don’t need the pins you just put the too on the pot right side up and just admire the beautiful teapot!