3 Stylist Secrets Using Pantyliners This Summer

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I love fashion and beauty hacks that show me how I can use a commonplace item in a whole new way.

It’s a great paradigm shift when you can discover what other purposes items around your house can have.

Here, I’m going to show you three stylist secrets for how you can use pantyliners this summer. Confused as to what I mean? Read on.

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Pantyliner in a shoe to prevent sweaty feet

1. In a shoe to prevent sweaty feet

That’s right, placing a pantyliner in the soles of the shoes will absorb the sweat from your feet and stop your feet from slipping around. They will essentially give you more grip.

Pantyliner inside a hat

2. Inside a hat to absorb sweat and makeup

Placing a pantyliner inside the rim of a hat will also make it sit more firmly around your head by absorbing the sweat and stopping it from shifting around.

Pantyliner inside a shirt

3. Inside a shirt to stop sweat rings

If you know you’re going to get sweating in hot weather and are worried about sweat marks showing, a pantyliner is your solution.

It will absorb the sweat from your underarms before it reaches the jacket.

Pantyliner hacks

There we have three genius ways that pantyliners can be used this summer to help make you more comfortable in the clothes that you wear.

Give these hacks a go and let me know how they work for you!

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